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Green Aqua - ADA Hungary

Aquascaping and Nature Aquarium are probably the most beautiful and interesting styles of modern fishkeeping. This way of reproducing a piece of Nature in our everyday environment is quickly growing in popularity, to become the leading aquarium stlye in our modern world. Nature Aquarium was first introduced by the japanese master, Mr. Takashi Amano. Our goal is to follow his footsteps.

This is why it is a great honour for us to be Hungarian distributors of Aqua Design Amano (ADA) products.

Green Aqua

Green Aqua® - founded in 2009 - is trying to be of service to all international customers interested in modern fishkeeping and aquascaping. We aim to maintain a professional level and high quality in all our deals. We're not merely dealers, but we stand for showing how to build these beautiful aquascapes. Our carefully crafted display tanks located at our Gallery in Budapest, Hungary show our ways of how to buld a Nature Aquarium.

We think that it is not enough to run a quality webshop. There is much need for our blogs, forum and facebook page. Places where you can get all the information. To be sure, that the products you buy are suitable for your needs and that they will make you happy.

Green Aqua Kft. is sponsoring the Department of Children at the Szent János Hospital in Budapest, Hungary through the "Help me quickly" foundation. It is main sponsor for the Hungarian Aquascaping Contest.

Green Aqua
Attila Néder, Balázs Farkas, Viktor Lantos

"Humans, the newcomers on this four billion-year-old planet, now have the power to destroy nature. The once-clear water is muddied, and the once-green land is losing its color. In trying to make their lives rich, people have made us all incredibly poorer from the destruction of nature. Only desolate hearts can grow in desolate surroundings.

We have to remember that we either live in nature or not at all. Through building and maintaining beautiful natural aquaria, people relearn the intricate connections between forms of life: plants, fishes, microorganisms, and humans.

Riches and beauty come from harmony, from balance. Aquaria are great teachers of this truth." 

Takashi Amano (1954-2015) - Jan. 6, 1992 

Green Aqua Gallery

Besides selling general fishkeeping and planted aquarium related products we specialize in Nature Aquarium Design as well as retail of several world-class premium brands, such as ADA, Shirakura and Mosura from Japan,  Tropica from Denmark, DennerleGiesemann and Vertex from Germany and many more.

We are one of the very few dedicated teams in Europe that deal with Nature Aquarium promotion and equipment sales. Our mission is to change the freshwater aquarium installation methods with revolutionizing the design style and bringing the natural approach closer to you.

We believe our lives are dedicated to promoting this wonderful hobby and we aim to grow the number of Nature Aquariums in the World. 

Green Aqua Founders

Green Aqua
Viktor Lantos, Attila Néder, Balázs Farkas

The Green Aqua® webshop is operated by Green Aqua LLC. EU VAT number: HU14702530. Company registration number: 01-09-950626. Bank Name: CIB BANK Zrt. Bank Address: Medve utca 4-14, 1027 Budapest, Hungary. SWIFT: CIBHHUHB. IBAN number: HU84107023324878880150000005. Shipping address and Display Gallery address: Major köz 12, 1119 Budapest, Hungary (Billing address: Thán Károly utca 23-25, 1119 Budapest, Hungary.) Phone: +36-1-6104627Contact us.

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