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You have the right to a no-questions-asked 14-day withdrawal at Green Aqua. This time is calculated form the date at which you (or your representative) have received the package. The right of Withdrawal should be exercised through sending us a specific written declaration that lets us know that you want to return the goods purchased from Green Aqua and get your money back.

Please use the form below to send us your declaration. Please copy / paste the red-colored text into the comment box of the form and fill out your details that have been left empty in the text.  A signed paper declaration can also be delivered personally, sent by post to Green Aqua Kft., Kastély utca 88, 2045 Törökbálint, Hungary, or scanned, signed and sent by email. If you have questions or comments please call us on phone number +36 23 232199. If the declaration has arrived within the 14-day withdrawal time, then we will send you a confirmation email.

Please note that the right of withdrawal is not valid for custom-manufactured products such as aquariums, aquarium cabinets and certain custom glass products such as lily pipes.

Consequences of the Withdrawal

After we received your written Declaration of Withdrawal you will get the full amount of your purchase back, including the cost of shipping, with the exception of non-standard shipping costs that have been added at your eventual special request (such as express delivery, etc.). We will use the original means of payment for refunds. Please note that Credit Card purchases that are rerouted through the Credit Card system might take more than 14 days to arrive to your account, due to the procedure applied by Credit Card companies. Green Aqua has no control over that, we will do everything to initiate the refund as soon as possible. You will have no additional costs in case of refunds.

Please note that refunds will be held until the products that have been sent to you arrive to us. All products must arrive back in factory condition, and in a state that enables us to re-sell them. Please also note that the cost of sending the package back to us will be covered by you.

Budapest, September 14, 2015.

Green Aqua Kft.



Attn.: Green Aqua Kft. Address: 1164 Budapest, Felsőmalom utca 25. 1. em. 5., Shop Address: 2045 Törökbálint, Kastély utca 88., Phone number: +36-23-232-199.
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