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Wio Soil Ball Sticky Set - 3 pcs

€10.26 / 1 pcs
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Sticky Soil introduces a new level of versatility and innovation to landscape creation and planted environments. This remarkable product is a self-adhering black clay-like mud that solidifies after drying, providing a stable foundation for plants, hardscapes, and more. Its permeability allows water and roots to flow through, making it an ideal substrate for planting and supporting various types of plant life.

What sets Sticky Soil apart is its exceptional flexibility. By sticking to any surface, it enables the creation of stunning landscapes and structures previously unattainable. Whether you want to transform stones, woods, or glass, or even design vertical installations, Sticky Soil empowers you to realize your vision.

Working with Sticky Soil is a breeze due to its user-friendly nature and swift application. Simply apply the mud to your desired surface and shape it according to your preference. It retains its form while maintaining high humidity levels, which are essential for optimal plant growth. For moisture preservation, it is recommended to wrap Sticky Soil in moss.

In summary, Sticky Soil is an unparalleled and innovative product that opens up a world of possibilities for crafting captivating landscapes and planted environments. Its flexibility, solidification properties, and moisture retention make it an exceptional substrate for supporting plant life. Moreover, its ease of use and quick application make it a top choice for those seeking to unleash their creativity in planting projects.

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NameWio Soil Ball Sticky Set - 3 pcs
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