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Wio Nano Boulder - Druid - S, 1,5 kg

€8.38 / 1 kg
In stock

How many stones should I order for the aquarium?

The following amount may be a proper starting point for rock type of layout. Of course, this is not enough for a monumental rock structure, in which case up to two to three times as much decoration may be required. However, in our experience, a spectacular result can be achieved with the following amount for a general layout.


For orders over 10kg, we give a 10% discount!

A smaller version of our regular Druid Boulders, these stones, with their heavily textured surfaces and dark colouration could be used to great effect when combined with bright green plants such as Eleocharis. You might want to use them in a biotope, an aquascape or an emersed display! We think they wouldn’t look out of a place in a Studio Gibli animation, like dark boulders in a grassy meadow.

Does not affect water hardness.

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NameWio Nano Boulder - Druid - S, 1,5 kg
Weight (kg)2.000000
Shipping in 24 hours
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