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Exclusive Hungarian Distribution - wholesale of premium brands!

Aqua Design Amano Magyarország

The founder of the Nature Aquarium concept was the Japanese Master, Mr. Takashi Amano (1954-2015). His brand, the Aqua Design Amano - or ADA - represents quality without compromise and minimalistic product design. Green Aqua is proud wholesaler of this exclusive brand since our launch. We are also a 300-item shop


The now 40-year old German brand is the only big aquarium brand in the world to manufacture both a full range of products (for both aquarium and pond) and aquatic plants. The Dennerle concept is built around this unity, making sure that the Dennerle NanoCube aquariums and Scapers Tanks will have a stable operation with a solid ecosystem. Green Aqua has almost 300 different Dennerle products!


This American family-owned brand - during its three decades of existence - has probably become the best known quality freshwater and marine water conditioner, plant fertilizer and filter material manufacturing company in the world. The science of Seachem is based on the biologists and chemical engineers working on their team. Seachem products are sold in more than 60 countries.


The innovative water sterilizing products of the South-Korean manufacturer were first tried and introduced in Europe by the Green Aqua team. Following the publication of our positive experiences, the beautifully designed and very effective Twinstar products have become extremely popular in the whole continent. We are using Twinstar in all gallery aquariums to maintain an algae-free environment.

Our own brands - product manufacturing and international sales

Green Aqua

Green Aqua manufactured products are extremely popular among European aquascapers. Quality without compromise and ultimate efficiency is what characterizes our plant fertilizers, lab plants, aquarium cabinets and other Green Aqua products. The real strength of our brand is that all items are made by aquascapers - for aquascapers. It is the expert knowledge that makes us stand out.


Representing a large variety and very popular product range, the GreenWorks aquarium brand is used by many Nature Aquarium enthusiasts - beginners and experts alike. The GreenWorks wood, stones, maintenance accessories, glassware and other items will sum up to a product count of almost seventy, and they will all come handy in the long term for hobbyists.

Other Wholesale Brands


Tropica (Denmark)


Oase (Germany)

Easy Life

Easy Life (The Netherlands)


Odyssea (China)


Wave (Italy)


Amtra (Italy)


GHL (Germany)


Söchting (Germany)


Camozzi (Italy)


Giesemann (Germany)

Up Aqua

Up Aqua (China)

Aqua Ambiente

Aqua Ambiente (Czech Republic)

Green Aqua has a uniquely huge stock and we have more than a thousand products on our wholesale list. All orders are filled within 1 working days after their reception - if the email order arrives before 12:00 PM. We have made a special Excel file to make the ordering process easy for our customers. You will only have to fill up the product amounts and the order will be ready to send. Categorizing is made easy, you can search and sort products according to different rules. We have even prepared a recommendation system for you to help you find the most popular items. Using the file is quick and easy. The wholesale pricelist is only available after your company has been proved eligible by the Green Aqua team.

Please note that according to manufacturer wholesale contractual regulations, we are not able to provide certain exclusive brands to retailers outside Hungary. Please contact us to clarify which items can be forwarded to you. We have quite a few retail clients, mainly in Romania, Slovakia and Austria. We are also continuously expanding our wholesale client list for Green Aqua products.

You are welcome to Contact Green Aqua with wholesale inquiries.

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