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Warranty Handling

In case you have any problem with products purchased from us, please send us an e-mail with a detailed description of the issue. Please make sure you attach the invoice of the purchase as well. Our staff will reply to you with further information as soon as possible.

You can find detailed information about the warranty here

Service Fees

Replacement of spare parts: 8,9 EUR

  • replacement of seals, impellers, etc.
  • assembly of CO2 systems

IMPORTANT! The above fee covers the service only. Any parts used will be invoiced separately.

Discovery of no-fault: 8,9 EUR

  • In case a product is claimed to be faulty, turning out NOT to be faulty under the warranty period.
  • For example a filter loses flow because of improper cleaning.

Fault inspection: 8,9 EUR

  • Inspect product to discover the cause of fault after the warranty period.

Invoice copy: 4,5 EUR

  • In case you’ve lost the invoice for your purchase, you can ask for a copy. For this please provide the following information:
    • Order number
    • Billing name
    • Order date
    • List of products purchased
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