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Green Aqua TV

Welcome to the Green Aqua Aquascaping Video and Live Events collection! If you like our films, please make sure to visit our YouTube Channel and our Facebook Page and subscribe to updates, or get a reminder for an already scheduled future live event. Enjoy!

Films in playlists can be individually selected and viewed! Just click on the "list icon" from the upper left corner of the playlist YouTube window. We try to subtitle all Hungarian language videos to English - we just need a couple of days to finish them after they have been published.


This window shows you the different LIVE events, that we host regularly! Check out the 10 episodes of a 150x60x50 cm aquarium setup, the Aquascaping Couch series, as well as workshops hosted by renowned aquascapers, Hungarian teams, and our team members.


This window contains all the shorter and longer movies we made - except the Live Events. We hope to show you lots of tricks, give you inspiration, keep you updated on the Aquascaping novelties, and most of all, we hope to entertain you here. Enjoy the collection!

Thorsten Muck (Oase CEO) Interview

15-minute interview with OASE CEO, Mr. Thorsten Muck. Made by Balázs Farkas during the Green Aqua visit to the Water Garden and Indoors Aquatics gear manufacturer headquarters in Hörstel, Germany.

The Movie of OASE

The Movie of Oase - a Green Aqua visit to the stunning Headquarters of the Water Garden and Indoor Aquatics gear manufacturer in Germany. Great products, great facilities and super-great people.

The Movie of Green Aqua

Aquascaping helps us to get closer to Nature. Discover the beauty of planted aquariums with us. This image film shows how strong the international Aquascaping Community is. Keep up the Passion!

Florestas Submersas by Takashi AMANO

The world's largest Nature Aquarium from the Oceanarium in Lisbon is the Japanese master's last creation. We stand speachless in front of the 40-meter long beauty, an aquascaping masterpiece.

Dennerle Nano Aquarium

This Dennerle NanoCube aquarium is only 3 weeks old (!) but it is a lush, green, algae-free underwater world - a true small juwel in the Green Aqua gallery. With Aquario CO2 system.

Century-Old Tank (Green Aqua Gallery)

This is a 106-year-old, wrought-iron aquarium that belonged to the great-grandfather of one of Green Aqua founders. The video shows the 2-year condition of the setup. Details, history.

Cliff Rhapsody (Green Aqua Gallery)

This video presents a 60x30x36 cm (64 liter) tank from the Ground Floor of the Gallery, built by Tamás Danyikó of Green Aqua. List of products and livestock.

Roots of Harmony (Green Aqua Gallery)

This 2-minute video presents a 120x45x45 cm (243 liter) tank from the Ground Floor of the Gallery, built by Viktor Lantos. The items we used to build this aquarium are listed here.

Green Passage (Green Aqua Gallery)

A short, 1-minute video presenting a 60x30x45 cm, 81 liter ADA tank from the Upper Floor of the Gallery, built by Gábor Balázs and Tamás Danyikó. Aquarium technical details and livestock.


Wabi Kusa Step-by-Step

Tamás Danyikó of Green Aqua will show you how to make a nice Wabi Kusa plate in a few easy steps. We created a nice bonsai tree from Red Moor wood and Hemianthus Callitrichoides 'Cuba'.

Aquarium LED Lights

We compare three premium-quality LED ligths in this very popular video: ADA Solar RGB, ADA AquaSky G 601, ADA Aquasky Moon 601 and Twinstar LIGHT 600S. All of them are tested above the same aquarium.

Oase BioMaster Filter Unboxing

The new Oase Biomaster Thermo 600 external filter is a great and innovative product, with a pre-filter chamber that helps with maintenance. We will show you how to use it.

Setting up a CO2 System

Attila Néder will explain in 3 minutes how to set up a presurized Carbon-Dioxide system. Everything you need to know about CO2 injection: Green Aqua CO2 Guide.

30 liter Dennerle NanoCube Unboxing

We will show you how to set up the Dennerle NanoCube aquarium sets. Nano aquarium setup guide for beginners - easy and quick installation info.

Visit to the Dennerle Headquarters

The Green Aqua has visited the Dennerle headquarters in Vinningen, Germany in 2015. Stefan Hummel, the "PlantaHunter" has guided us through one of the biggest aquatic plant nurseries in Europe and we mad a 2-minute film.

The Movie of ADA Poland

An unforgettable, 4-minute inspirational bomb. The ADA gallery from Tychy, Poland - built by Adam Paszczela - is probably the most inspiring place for Aquascapers in Europe we have ever been to.

Breakfast Party @ Green Aqua

We are feeding the fish before the lights come up in our 650 liter ADA aquarium. We are using Dennerle Complete Gourmet Menu and Color Booster fishfood in all of our tanks.


Blue Planet - TV programme (M2, English subtitles)

In this Hungarian Television programme we show beginners how modern aquariums work, we speak about shrim and aquascaping contests. The 5-minute tv film is subtitled in English!

Underwater Gardens - Episode 1 (HírTV, Hungarian only)

The 89th episode of the "Water divider" mini-series shown on Hungarian News Channel, HírTV. The episode presents the Green Aqua gallery planted tanks and aquascaping, and intruduces viewers to the Nature Aquarium concept - in 5 minutes.

Underwater Gardens - Episode 2 (HírTV, Hungarian only)

The 90th episode of the "Water divider" mini-series shown on Hungarian News Channel, HírTV. The episode presents the Green Aqua gallery planted tanks and aquascaping, and intruduces viewers to the Nature Aquarium concept - in 5 minutes.

Szandi's Nature Aquarium (TV2, Hungarian only)

The Green Aqua has built a 120 cm planted tank in Hungarian singer, Szandi's home at the request of host Márk McMenemy. The "At Home in the Garden" series is aired on one of the biggest Hungarian TV channels, TV2.

Greenteam series, 5 episodes with Hungarian Singer, Zséda (Spektrum Home TV, Hungarian only)

McMenemy Márk and the Greenteam crew, along with the Green Aqua founders has visited Hungarian singer Zséda and has built a beautiful Nature Aquarium in her living room. We taught the beautiful celebrity the basics of aquascaping.

Premier Printing House Tank, Part 1.

This 2-minute short film was made in 2013 at the Premier Printing House in Budapest. They are one of our best and oldest customers. The video shows the already developed state of their aquarium.

Premier Printing House Tank, Part 2.

This 4-minute video was made the following year, in 2014. Green Aqua has mainained this particular setup at our dear customer, the Premier Printing House for many year - virtually algae-free. It was home to some beautiful Apistogramma Cacatuoides cichlids.

Forktail Rainbowfish (Green Aqua Gallery)

One of our most favorite fish, the Forktail Rainbowfish (Iriatherina Werneri) was filmed in our Gallery. These lovely creatures swim in an aquarium with mosses and Hygrophila Pinnatifida ferns.

Before the Creation of Adam

The aquascape by Farkas Balázs has won the bronze-prize at EAPLC and ranked 50 at the IAPLC. The basalt stones were hand-crafted, sculpted by artist Gergő Ámmer.

Savannah - Aquarium Video

Tibor Szecsei's work has ranked 179 on IAPLC 2014. His creation reproduces the feeling of the Savannah, with mosses tied to small branches.

Reborn - Aquarium Video

Viktor Lantos has built this beautiful Iwagumi-style Nature Aquarium in his own home. The video shows the fish gently shoaling above the perfect plant carpet.

Green Aqua Gallery - visit by PeHa68

Visit to Green Aqua by the PeHa68 team from Poland. This 5-minute film was made by our Polish friends in August 9, 2014.