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Tropica Taxiphyllum 'Spiky' moss TC (1-2-Grow)

Family: Hypnaceae
Origin: South America
Height: 1-3+ cm
Width: 3-5+ cm
Light demands: very low - high
Temperature: 15-28 °C
Water hardness: very soft - very hard
pH: 5,5-9
Growth speed: slow

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Best described as Christmas moss' big brother, but from Asia, 2-10 cm tall, rougher and bigger with deep green, branched shoots. Spiky moss does best on vertical surfaces where the branched shoots settle in. It grows fast and requires a lot of light to do well.

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Name Tropica Taxiphyllum 'Spiky' moss TC (1-2-Grow)
SKU 33-003G-TC
Manufacturer Tropica
Color Green
Növény típusa Easy
Akvárium típusa Low Light - Low Tech