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Tropica Mayaca fluviatilis bunch

Family: Mayacaceae
Origin: North and South America
Height: 30-50 cm
Light: mid-high
Temperature: 20-26 °C
Water hardness: soft-mid hard
pH: 5-8 
Growth speed: fast

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Stream bogmoss is a very delicate plant from North and South America. Fine, needle-like leaves are closely packed along the stems, giving the plant an almost mossy appearance. It prefers softer water and good lighting. Ideally, you should plant these very thin stems into quite a fine substrate using plant tweezers. Mayaca is your typical "calm" plant for the midground to background. Showy plants with unusual shapes or colours can be combined with Mayaca to very pleasing effect.

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Name Tropica Mayaca fluviatilis bunch
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Manufacturer Tropica
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