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Tropica Cryptocoryne crispatula (in-Vitro)

family: Araceae
Origin: South-East Asia
Height: 20 cm
Width: 15-20 cm
Light demands: mid
Water hardness: very soft - mid-hard
pH: 5-7
Growth speed: slow

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The grass-leaved water trumpet is a very attractive plant for the background. The species crispatula is very variable, just like the varieties balansae or tonkinensis. Particularly striking are the more or less nubby leaves with wavy edges. The leaf blades may develop wonderful colours, depending on the intensity of illumination. This water trumpet is especially recommendable for cichlid aquaria with higher water hardness. However, the plant is also a great feature in a larger community aquarium together with other plants.

The algae and snail-free TC laboratory plants can be kept in the box for weeks before planting. Please never open the box before use as the sterile environment can get contaminated and the quality of the product can quickly deteriorate. Rinse off the jelly and cut back the root-ends before planting. The plant can be separated into smaller bunches before use.

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Name Tropica Cryptocoryne crispatula (in-Vitro)
SKU 33-125-TC
Manufacturer Tropica
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