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Tetra EX 600 Plus External Filter - with filter media

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Aquarium water must be permanently filtered to keep your fish and plants fit and healthy. Tetra's EX filter technology reliably and safely breaks down excess nutrients to help maintain good water quality.

  • Produces water that is safe for fish and crystal-clear, providing a fascinating insight into aquarium life
  • Comes complete with filter materials that are quick and easy to clean
  • Exceptionally powerful and quiet
  • Offered as a complete set, including all filter materials, for quick and easy activation
  • Features a suction aid to kick-start the filter and valves to accurately control the flow of water
  • Safety cut-off valves to isolate the filter from the water cycle
  • Adjustable joints for easy alignment of the hoses
  • Features a pre-filter function to minimise maintenance
  • Suitable for aquaria with capacities of 60 to 120 litres
  • TÜV/GS-certified quality with a 3-year guarantee


  • Tetra's EX 600 plus external aquarium filter offers an efficient way of filtering the water in any tank with a capacity of at least 60 litres. The polluted aquarium water is cleaned using a five-step process and a variety of different filter media. The water is passed through ceramic filter rings, bio filter balls, traditional filter foam, carbon filter media and filter floss to remove the various dirt particles and provide biological, mechanical and chemical filtration. The practical handles on the individual filter cartridges make it easy to clean the filter and replace the filter media, and the outflow pipe and hose can be adjusted to suit the size of the aquarium without any difficulty. There are also control valves on the inlet and outlet pipes to accurately set the flow of water and adapt it to suit different requirements. For cleaning purposes, simply shut off the valves entirely and remove the filter unit from the connection equipment. The column of water is retained to ensure that there is no need to repeat the suction process when reconnecting the device.
  • Depending on the level of pollution and wear and tear, the filter media should be replaced approximately every 6-12 months.
  • Flow control valves rotate to simplify tubing placement
  • Extremely quiet and powerful
  • 3 separate filter baskets with carrying handle for easy cleaning
  • incl. prefilter for longer service intervals
  • integrated start automatic
  • all filter media are included (ceramic filter rings, bio filter balls, bio filter foam, carbon filter foam and fine filter foam)

Technical data Tetra EX 600 Plus:
-water flow: 630 l/h
-max. Pump height: 1.1 m
-filter capacity: 5.7 l
-hose size: 12 mm
-for aquaria: 60 - 120 litres content
-power consumption: 230V/50 Hz 7.5 W
-dimensions: 21 x 21 x 37 cm (lenghtx width x heigh


Tetratec CR - Ceramic Filter Rings
Tetratec BF - Biological Filter Sponge
Tetratec BB - Bio Filter Balls for the removal of large and medium-sized dirt particles
Tetratec CF - Carbon filter media to remove organic pollutants
Tetratec FF - Filter Floss Pads reliably remove the smallest particles of dirt
Priming for quick start of the filter and valves for the precise regulation of the water flow
Safety quick release system for separating the filter from the water cycle
Ball joints for individual positioning of the pipes
Improved sealing ensures an optimum seal
Handholds for ease of transportation

More Information
Name Tetra EX 600 Plus External Filter - with filter media
SKU 240926
Manufacturer Tetra
Hose Size 12/16
Pump Power (lph) 600
For Aquarium Size Below 50L

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