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Shipping Prices

IMPORTANT: Because of the COVID restrictions, there could be some small delays in international shipments. Please check the current shipping limitations at GLS.
UK shipping is not available temporary, because of the Brexit changes. We will update the prices and conditions in January 2021.

€ 9.9 - Flat Rate Shipping!

EUR 9.9 shipping cost for all countries listed below (with number of shipping days) and packages less than 30 kgs.

Austria - 2 days
Belgium - 3 days
Bulgaria - 3 days
Croatia - 2 days
Czech Republic - 2 days
Denmark - 3 days
France - 3 days
Germany - 2 days
Luxembourg - 3 days
Netherlands - 3 days
Poland - 2 days
Romania - 2 days
Slovakia - 1 day
Slovenia - 2 days

Secure Payment

We offer fast delivery at a really good price!

We are in continuous business talks with every shipping company here to negotiate the best rates and shortest delivery times for you. We sincerely hope that next to the high quality of products and good communication, it will be the flawless shipping experience that you will remember when returning to us as a customer.

Important information on shipping packages:

  • We send out all packages from our Hungarian warehouse.
  • For sending parcels below 50 kilograms we use GLS.
  • For sending parcels above 50 kilograms or in case of certain products we use TNT.
  • If you paid with Paypal, Sofort or Credit Card, we process all orders on the day that you place them.
  • If you choose to pay with bank transfer we will wait for it to get cleared before sending the package.
  • We have a uniquely huge stock of goods, so we will be usually able to dispatch the package on the next day.
  • Shipping days are calculated in workdays.
  • We do not ship on weekends and hollidays and the parcel will not be delivered on these days.

About Package Delivery

If you are not home during the delivery, the driver will contact you on phone to get a new delivery time. You can track all shipments with the tracking numer you receive from us. Please note that we do not ship live animals or products labeled with warning signs (dangerous products). If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

€ 19.9 - Flat Rate Shipping

Estonia - 5 days
Italy - 3 days
Ireland - 5 days
Latvia - 4 days
Lithuania - 3 days
Monaco - 4 days
Spain - 4-6 days
Sweden* - 4-7 days
United Kingdom - 4 days

€ 32 - Flat Rate Shipping

Finland* - 5-7 days
Greece* - 5-7 days
Portugal* 5-7 days

All of the above prices and shipping times are only valid for packages below 30 kilograms, sent with GLS - with the exception of some remote Islands in Croatia, Greece. For other transportation methods and packages above 30 kilograms, please refer to the information on this page.

* The flat rate for these countries will only be valid for packages below 14.9 kilograms!

Shipping with TNT

Switzerland** - 5-7 days
Norway** - 5-7 days

** We deliver orders to these countries with TNT, but shipping will be calculated manually. Please contact us and ask for a quote. The cost includes the shipping fee, but you need to cover duty and custom fees on import.


Delivery to other countries

If your country is not listed, please contact us and we will calculate an individual transportation cost for you. Due to the increased administration requirements we regretfully inform you that - at this moment - we are not shiping packages to destinations outside the borders of the EU. We might however make exceptions for larger orders, please contact us for details.

Delivery of heavy items

Delivery of heavy items (wooden cabinets, glass aquariums, etc.) will come at a different price, which is calculated automatically by our webshop. We are continuosly working on finding the best solution for our customers.

Quality of packaging, damaged goods

Green Aqua is preparing the packages with the best care and using the best packaging materials available. We only put new, factory-state goods in the shipment. All packages are being dispatched undamaged through our freight partners (GLS, TNT).

In some rare cases - due to the high number of packages sent out daily - it might be possible that some packages are being damaged during the transportation, some items are missing from the package or some items are being mistakenly replaced with another item. If any of these cases apply, we guarantee a replacement or sending the damaged/missing goods only if a signed damage-sheet exists. This document will have to be signed in the presence of the freight agent (representative), so the package will have to be opened when the dispatcher is still present.

We ask all our customers to please sign the package acceptance document and then check the contents of the package in the presence of the agent - especially in the case of fragile goods (aquariums, cabinets, glass products, etc.). If no written damage note exists, we will not be able to file a claim with the freight company, and we can not replace or re-send the goods.

Package acceptance checklist

  • Please pay the required package value (if required). Prepaid packages are free to get.
  • Please sign the acceptance of the package.
  • Please alway open the package and check it's undamaged and complete contents in the presence of the agent.
  • Never let the agent go before any complaints are registered. No agent excuses are acceptable.
  • Please fill the complaint form (available at the agent) and sign it.

Without the signature on a forwarder complaint form you will not get any replacement of the goods. Green Aqua is not liable for any damages that are being discovered after the agent has left. No refunds and no replacements are to be made in these cases. This is a serious matter; please help us provide a perfect service for you. Always inspect the package before the agent leaves. This could be the only source of customer dissatisfaction at Green Aqua; it is the best interest for us all to avoid these situations.