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Shipping Information


Express delivery

Green Aqua Kft. has a very good contract for express delivery on ground with GLS. There are a couple of things you shoud be aware before you assemble your package.

1. The delivery cost depends on the GLS zone number.
2. The delivery time depends on how developed the GLS infrastructure is in your country and how far away it is from Hungary. 
3. The delivery cost will also be affected by the weight of your package. Shipping cost can be an issue with just a few items ordered, so we always give you an estimate (even before we discuss the desired goods in detail) during our first contact.


ZONE  Countries (number of days to delivery)
1 Slovakia (1), Slovenia, Austria, Czech Republic, Romania (2)
2 Poland (2), Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Liechtenstein**, Bulgaria, Switzerland** (3)
3 Denmark, San Marino, Vatican*** (3), Italy, France (3-4), Monaco (4), Great Britain (4-5), Ireland (5)
4 Lithuania (3), Latvia (4), Estonia, Turkey** (5), Norway**, Sweden (4-7), Greece, Spain, Andorra**, Gibraltar**, Portugalia, Finland (5-7), Malta (5), Cyprus (6-7)
5 Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Island (3), Albania, Macedonia (4), Feroer-islands (8)

Note that the information above is only an estimate. Times and prices might varry with time.


Delivery of wooden cabinets (aquarium stands)

Green Aqua is a serious manufacturer of wooden aquarium cabinets. These are heavy items that require special shipping and handling. We have our own private contractors to do the shipping. The price of shipping will always be included in our final offer, and - based on the huge popularity of our cabinets and the large volume of European orders - we are almost sure that you will find the endprice really appealing. Please Contact Us for further information. Please call us on +36 1 6104627 (Open Mo-Fr 10:00-17:00 CET, Sa 10:00-13:00 CET) or send us a mail to: