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Aquascaping and Nature Aquarium are probably the most beautiful and interesting styles of modern fishkeeping. This way of reproducing a piece of genuine Nature in our everyday environment was first presented by the Japanese master Mr. Takashi Amano. Our goal is to follow his footsteps by distribution of ADA, Dennerle and Seachem products.
We think that it is not enough to run a quality website. Besides retail and wholesale activities we are running a world-famous Aquascaping Gallery, and producing our own high quality Green Aqua products. We stand for showing how to build these beautiful aquascapes with our Aquascaping Magazine, our Aquascaping Forum and our Facebook page.
We aim to maintain a professional level and high quality in all our deals. We really want you to be happy with the products you buy, we want to make sure that they are suitable for your needs. We are sponsoring the Department of Children at the Szent János Hospital in Budapest, we organize the ADA accredited HAC-Contest and supporting the local Football School.
"Humans, the newcomers on this four billion-year-old planet, now have the power to destroy nature. The once-clear water is muddied, and the once-green land is losing its color. In trying to make their lives rich, people have made us all incredibly poorer from the destruction of nature. Only desolate hearts can grow in desolate surroundings. We have to remember that we either live in nature or not at all. Through building and maintaining beautiful natural aquaria, people relearn the intricate connections between forms of life: plants, fishes, microorganisms, and humans. Riches and beauty come from harmony, from balance. Aquaria are great teachers of this truth." - Takashi Amano (1954-2015)
Green Aqua


Green Aqua® - founded in 2009 by three Hungarian aquascapers: Attila Néder, Balázs Farkas and Viktor Lantos - is aiming to be of high quality service and give inspiration to all international customers interested in modern fishkeeping and aquascaping.

We are operating an Aquascaping Gallery on two floors hosting a total of 22 display tanks in Budapest city (Hungary). We value creation, we inspire our customers and give them all the information needed to build a beautiful underwater world in their homes or offices. Green Aqua welcomes you!
Néder Attila


An Agricultural Manager graduate, Attila has grown up in a family of pet products wholesalers so the world of pet shops and aquariums has been a defining experience for him since early childhood.

He started to publish articles on aquascaping on his blog in 2008. The concept of Green Aqua was born right there, with the three founders working together on that blog.

Attila is the Green Aqua retail and wholesale Trade Manager, and Head of Customer Support.
Farkas Balázs


A Hungarian Film Academy graduate, Balázs has spent 20 years in the world of live television productions before changing his directorial seat at RTL Klub to Green Aqua management.

He is the most successful Hungarian aquascaper at IAPLC so far with three winning works (positions 46, 50, and 64) and an EAPLC 2014 bronze prize. He is a judge for international aquascaping contests.

Balázs is the Financial Manager at Green Aqua and he is responsible for creative product development.
Lantos Viktor


Viktor is an international software and design expert. He is a well-known Green Aqua representative throughout the world for his aquascaping publications and stunning photos.

Ranked three times in the TOP 100 of IAPLC (67, 80, 96). Winner of the Brazilian CBAP 2012 international category. Judging many international aquascaping contests, such as EAPLC and HAC.

Viktor is the Marketing Manager of Green Aqua, responsible for software and graphic design.

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