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Green Aqua - ADA Hungary

Our company was founded in 2009. The aquascaping hobby did not yet exist in Hungary during this period. As passionate aquarists, we have been gathering experience for years, and the new style that had been popular in Japan by then served as an inspiration and endless source. Recognizing the market opportunity, we have chosen our mission to make the new trend known and popular with the broadest possible audience in Hungary and make all the necessary equipment easily accessible to anyone. This is how Green Aqua was born, which has now merged with the image of the planted aquarium hobby.


Nature Aquarium - Aquascaping - The new trend

Aquascaping - or as it is known in Japan: the Nature Aquarium style - has been a radical change from the freshwater aquariums we used to. Underwater plants with beautiful colors, natural decorations, and unique hardscapes made these aquariums impressive. The focus was on healthy plants and the underwater ecosystem. With their incredible clarity and living, breathtaking sight, Japanese-style nature aquariums have faced the negative stereotypes of aquariums that have existed so far and have now become a well-deserved place in any modern space. These aquariums offer incredible views in exclusive facilities, even in hotels, recreation centers, or any high-end office. Recently, several studies have shown that aquariums positively affect the nervous system, so we will meet more of these installations in private places and other health facilities in the future. Aquaristics can play an important role in active recreation and creative indoor hobbies, and maintaining our mental health.

Building a brand

From the beginning, we focused on the exceptional experience and not on selling the products. Trade is an important and not negligible pillar of our company, but our heart and enthusiasm come to life in the created visual worlds. We have shared and will continue to share these special moments with visitors to this day on our various social platforms and in our physical stores. Green Aqua stands for quality, exceptional visuals, and expertise.

Where are we today?

With the growing team of experts over the years, we have further strengthened our competence in many areas. In addition to retail, we also import and do wholesaler roles for several brands. With the help of our Hungarian logistics base, we deliver to all of Europe for our wholesale partners and private customers as well.

The Green Aqua brand products is preceded by continuous research and development and innovation. Our motto is to make only products that fill a gap and do not compromise on quality. As a pro consultant, we have been actively involved in the product development of several worldwide brands in recent years.

Of course, we also work on individual projects and take an active part in the related operation and maintenance tasks.

Education has played a significant role in our service. We strive to pass on the experience gained over the years and the outstanding results achieved in prestigious international competitions in education and counseling. In addition to supporting hobby life, we also take an active part in organizing domestic and international competitions. We produce our own YouTube videos for our continuous media presence. Our international workshops bring visitors and guests from all over the world.

The Green Aqua showroom is one of the most beautiful planted aquarium showrooms in Europe. It also became a favorite travel attraction for foreign visitors. Today, our company is the largest in Hungary, dealing exclusively with the distribution of freshwater aquarium products. And the name Green Aqua has become an international brand known and recognized from Japan to the United States.

Thank you for the endless support and trust we have received over the past few years! It helps us and gives us the strength to continue on the path we set out on.

Our mission is unchanged: introduce and share the passion of this beautiful underwater world with as many people as possible. We believe if someone who has known and loved a piece of this aquatic life will protect and concern more about nature as a whole.


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