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GHL Profilux 4e Start Set 6E - aquarium controller set (black)

This Starter-Set 6E with the ProfiLux4e Controller is adapted for marine and freshwater aquariums. This set is ideal for measuring and controlling temperature and pH-value/ redox and for creating true-to life illumination effects.
ProfiLux 4e can be upgraded with expansion cards. The bus-system (ProfiLux Aquatic Bus) additionally offers great options for further extensions.

Shipment includes:

ProfiLux 4e, black or white
Power supply unit in the specific country version
Digital water temperature sensor
pH-electrode with calibration fluids pH 4 und pH 7
Powerbar 6E with PAB cable 2m
USB cable

In stock

Up to 32 independent channels of dimmable and non-dimmable lamps, freely adjustable
Sunrise and sunset
True calendar moon phase simulation
Cloud simulation with adjustable random generator, cloud cover, rainy days, seasonal lighting, Thunderstorm simulation
Acclimation program
Feed pause (4 different customizable preferences for pump behavior possible)
Measurement and control of Temperature, pH Values, Redox
Sequential temperature control for tubular heater, substrate heater and cooling, programmable nightly decrease, speed regulated fans controllable
Menu guided sensor calibration
Data log
Operation hour meter for all sensors
Universal analog and digital inputs
Level (level, leakage, automatic water change etc.)
Flow (stream)
Versatile Pump Controlling (up to 16 stream pumps independently controllable, several modes: High/low tide, surge, random and much more; different wave modes)
Operation hour meter for lamps
Burning-in mode for fluorescent tubes
Battery buffered real-time clock (RTC)
Digital Mitras Lightbar/Slimline interface or RS232
Integrated webserver: Display of values and states, change of important settings, email client, DHCP
USB and WiFi
Cloud service myGHL®
Connection options for GHL Control Pad, Power-Failure-Monitor, AUX
Connectivity for radio-controlled clock receiver (DCF)
Programmable reminders
Control of 64 separately switchable sockets and dosing pumps
32 timers and dosing programs
Child protection via PIN code
No coding required
Settings are stored during power loss in nonvolatile memory (FRAM)
Computer is expandable with add-on modules. With our Expansion Box 2 added, there are virtually no limits
Flexible extensions on the ProfiLux Aquatic Bus (Expansion Box 2 for example)
Multiple aquarium controllers can be networked
Alarm function, output of the alarm optical, acoustical or via switchable socket
Therapy Program for sick fishes
Maintenance programs
Notifications per email or SMS
Operation via convenient PC software (Free of charge)
Virus proof
GHL-developed operating system for aquatics, ProfiLuxOS
Additional features a.o. (with corresponding expansion card):
Measurement and control of oxygen, humidity and air temperature
Use of external signals (such as buttons) to control the ProfiLux
Lighting control via DALI

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Name GHL Profilux 4e Start Set 6E - aquarium controller set (black)
SKU PL-1756
Manufacturer GHL
Color Black