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Oase Aquarium Spiral Brush

Oase Aquarium Spiral Brush - the ideal cleaning tool for the inides of aquarium tubing from 9 - 25mm diameter
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The Oase Aquarium Spiral Brush is the ideal tool for cleaning the insides of hoses and tubing of all kinds. The 1.5m flexible stainless steel coil tubing/handle, allows you to get right in where you need to, to give a thorough clean. The tough but flexible brush head measures approximately 60 x 30mm and will dislodge stubborn debris and remnants of algae/blanketweed etc. Suitable for hosing of approximately 9 - 25mm the Oase Spiral Brush will allow you to effectively keep your pipes and tubing free from grime, algae and sludgy residue, ensuring your filtration equipment works to optimum efficiency and helps to keep your water crystal clear. 1.5m stainless steel flexible coil/handle allows access to the most hard to reach areas Tough but flexible brush head approx 60 x 30mm clears debris, sludgy residue and algae Suitable for cleaning all types of tubing with a diameter of 9 - 25mm
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Name Oase Aquarium Spiral Brush
SKU 43964
Manufacturer OASE