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Oase BioMaster 850 - External Filter with original Oase filter media

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OASE - founded in Germany in 1949 - is one of the leading global companies in the business of Water Gardens and Fountains. With a reputation for innovation and quality - the brand fulfills the high requirements of both professional garden builders and ambitious pond enthusiasts. The OASE aquarium product range has derived from this expertise and knowledge. It was engineered for both beginnig and advanced aquarists. The OASE moto sums it all: "Water is our passion. Living, natural, and healthy water. In short: LIVING WATER."

BioMaster was developed to meet the most rigorous requirements and it is engineered in Germany. The biggest innovation of the BioMaster external filters series is the pre-filter chamber. The EasyClean pre-filter makes cleaning extremely simple and convenient. No more bothersome disassembly of the filter - the pre-filter module is simply taken out, rinsed out and reinserted. Thus the biological filter media will not clog so soon and filter flow will remain stabile.

Another big advantage of the BioMaster series is the integrated heating. The HeatUp adjustable heater can be retrofitted into the filter head for the BioMaster series, but the BioMaster Thermo filters already have it inside.

Oase filters are really safe, the shut-off automation and safety locking mechanism prevents undesired water escaping, e.g. when removint the pre-filter module. They are also practical: the vent button (priming button) makes water intake during setup or after cleaning really fast and effective.

Oase Biomaster robbantott ábra

Technical Data - BioMaster 850

  • Suitable for aquariums up to maximum 850 l
  • Green Aqua recommendation: up to 240 liters
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 240 x 240 x 535 mm
  • Power Requirements: 230 V, 50 Hz
  • Power Consumption: 32 W
  • Power Cable Length: 1,5 m
  • Net Weight: 7,4 kg
  • Warranty (+ extended warranty): 3+1 years
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 1550 liters / hour
  • Maximum Head Height: 2,2 m
  • Conneciton for Hoses: 17 mm (16/22 mm hose)
  • Filter Volume: 8 liter
  • Pre-Filter Volume: 0,6 liter
  • Suitable for Freshwater Tanks!
  • Suitable for Marine Tanks!

Oase Biomaster robbantott ábra

  • 1. Filter House main Gasket (Item number: 45148)
  • 2. Orange-colored Filter Foam, 30ppi (Item number: 45270)
  • 3. Upper Basket (Item number: 45172)
  • 4. Blue-colored Filter Foam, 20ppi (Item number: 45269)
  • 5. Lower Basket (Item number: 45171)
  • 6. HEL-X 13 Filter Media, 800 ml (Item number: 45271)
  • 7. Rubber Feet for Filter House, 4 db. (Item number: 45170)
  • 8. Filter House (Item number: BioMaster 250- 45159, 350- 45160, 600- 45161)
  • 9. Heater (25W, 50W, 100W, 150W, 200W, 300W)
  • 10. Heater Screw Cap for replacement heater (Item number: 46206)
  • 11. Screw Cap for the installed heater (Item number: 45156)
  • 12. Hose Adapter (Item number: 45157)
  • 13. Filter Head (Item number: BioMaster 250- 45153, 350- 45154, 600- 45155)
  • 14. Impeller (Item number: BioMaster 250/350- 45144, 600- 45145)
  • 15. Pump Cover (Item number: BioMaster 250- 45146, 350/600- 45147)
  • 16. Filter Head Clip Set, 4 db. (Item number: 45158)
  • 17. Pre-Filter House (BioMaster 250- 45167, 350- 45168, 600- 45169)
  • 18. Pre-Filter Foam Set, 6 pcs., 45 ppi (Item number: 46267)
  • 18. Pre-Filter Foam Set, 6 pcs., 60 ppi (Item number: 46268)
  • 18. Pre-Filter Foam Set, 6 pcs., 30 ppi (Item number: 46482)
  • 19. Pre-Filter Tube (BioMaster 250- 45163, 350- 45164, 600- 45166)
  • 20. Pre-Filter Gasket (Item number: 45149)
  • 21. Priming Head (Item number: 45162)
  • 22. Suction Set for 16/22 mm hose (Item number: 46527)
  • 23. Filter Hose, 16/22mm, 4 meters (Item number: 46496)
  • 24. Spraybar Set for 16/22 mm hose (Item number: 45352)

You can buy the spare parts for Oase BioMaster filters by clicking on the item numbers.
Set-up and operation instructions in the Instruction Manual - PDF.

Each filter has three roles in a planted aquarium. In order of importance:

It is the most important! Toxic and algae-causing ammonia in the aquarium must be decomposed. As fast as possible. Billions of bacteria growing in the filter convert ammonia into nitrite and then nitrate.

Nutrients (plant food and CO2) must reach the plants. Solid decomposition products should be kept afloat. Good performance is essential.

Solid decomposition products must be physically removed from the aquarium and decomposed in a filter or removed during cleaning.

For a filter to fully perform all three roles, it must meet several criteria. Ideally suitable to have a bucket of the right size to store the right amount of filter media. The filter material contained in it must be of adequate quality and variety. The pump in the filter must have sufficient capacity. The filter should be easy to clean so that the cumbersome process does not deter the aquarist from regular maintenance. Plus, the filter needs to be reliable; no one wants to flood a living room or office due to a cracked tap or joint.

Read more about our filter guide.

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NameOase BioMaster 850 - External Filter with original Oase filter media
Weight (kg)10.000000
Hose Size16/22 (17 mm)
Shipping in 24 hours
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