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Ordering plants from Green Aqua

Besides the top-quality Green Aqua lab plants, we offer you a wide variety of plants coming from the world-famous Dennerle Plants (Germany), Tropica (Denmark), Stoffels (Netherlands), ADA (Japan) and the Aqua Art (Poland) greenhouses and laboratories. Most plants are marked "on stock" on our webshop. In case of some rare plants that are not so popular among our clients, we will place the order at the Manufacturers only after receiving an order for them. This means the shipping time will be longer, with just a few days.

Hundreds of plants on our big stock

As Green Aqua is a specialist plant shop, we have a uniquely huge stock of plants - even with European or worldwide standards. The most popular plants are, therefore, available in stock. This means we can usually ship out your package the same day we process it.

Two or three incoming plant shipments per week

At least two weekly shipments arrive from Hungarian, German, and Danish suppliers. This makes it possible to pack and send out our plant orders quickly - even if they eventually contain rare plants that we do not have in stock at the moment of your order.

Highest importance to the processing of pending orders

If you order plants that we do not have in stock, we will place an order at our Manufacturers (backorder them) within just a couple of days and send them with GLS on the same day they arrive to us.

Professional plant storage and packing

We operate professional plant storage tanks in our shop. We use CO2-injected, high-light, and well-filtered environments to store underwater plants, and thermo-proof packaging ensures that your plant will arrive in perfect condition and undamaged, even in relatively extreme conditions.


How do all of the above affect the plant ordering process?

You will have to wait a maximum of one week before your plants are dispatched. If you will not get an automatic message that your package has been dispatched in 1 or 2 days after your order, back ordering your plants has started. Please wait until the manufacturers' shipments arrive, and you will be notified when your package leaves our warehouse. In some rare cases, the manufacturers might inform us that the requested plants are not available. If the same species is available from another supplier, we automatically replace the plant to dispatch your order quicker. If the same species is unavailable at all, we will contact you by email or phone to agree on replacing these plants with other similar plants or refunding their value - it will be your choice.

Green Aqua will ship orders containing plants on all weekdays. There are some extreme cases in the winter when the low temperatures at external warehouses - or packages left in trucks for the night - will not guarantee the safe shipping of plants. In winter, we use heat packs with packaging to protect aquarium plants. We use cold packs in summer to protect the plants from excessive heat. During these periods, the extra packaging fee will be charged automatically at the time of purchase if you order aquarium plants.

We can only accept complaints regarding the condition of plants up to 48 hrs after receipt of the goods.


Plant types sold

Lab-grown plants (lab plants)

These plants were grown under laboratory conditions in small plastic jars, their roots residing in jelly or liquid fertilizer solution. They are sterile: no algae, parasites, or worms in them. The big advantage of this technology is that the plants will stay alive and healthy for longer times - for weeks or, in some extreme cases, even months. We recommend planting them in 1 or 2 weeks after package arrival so they do not have to be planted immediately.


  • Never open the jar before planting - no air should get into the closed environment.
  • Spores from ambient air might cause fungus to appear on the plants if you do so.
  • The jelly can not be eaten; please keep it away from small children.

Please remove the jelly from the roots before usage, and rinse it gently under running tap water. Use planting tweezers to push the plants into the clay-based substrate.

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Potted plants

These plants are called "potted" because they rest inside a plastic container filled with a fine mesh. This is the conventional way of aquatic plant distribution, and these plants are kept under water at Green Aqua before their sale. We use CO2 injection to keep them alive and healthy (see images).

We are packing these plants in groups of 5-8 inside sealed air-filled plastic bags. The humid environment keeps them from drying out and protects them from eventual physical shocks during transportation. Potted plants should be planted as soon as possible - preferably the same or the next day after package arrival.

Remove the plant and the fine mesh from the plastic container. Open the mesh vertically in two, remove the plant carefully, and use a tweezer to get the remaining mesh from the roots. Trim long roots for easier planting and to prevent later rotting. Plant in small groups.

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Boxed plants

This group consists mainly of mosses and floating plants. Some mosses tied to stainless steel nets also fall into this category. The boxed plants - similar to lab plants - will survive longer, but it is advisable to start using them (tying them on wood or stones) as soon as possible after receiving the package.

These plants will originate from immersed or submersed cultures, which are not sterile, so it is safe to open the top of the container to inspect them. Be sure to close back the top after the examination or spray them regularly to avoid drying them out in the coming days or weeks before you plant them.

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Bunched plants (plants in rings)

This category is usually preferred for selling less expensive, hardy plants. These plants are usually stem (background) plants that do not need root protection, so manufacturers will cut the plant and place it in a ceramic ring. Cut the plants just above the ring (to get rid of eventually damaged or pressed parts) and plant them in small groups.

The bunched plants - similar to potted ones - will arrive in small, air-filled, sealed plastic bags, and it is advisable to plant them right after receiving the package. Do not keep them in the bag for more than a day; just throw them into your aquarium if you plan to plant them later.

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Pre-packed plants

This is a new plant packing category. All plants come pre-packed in sealed plastic bags (containers) that maintain the humid environment and ensure longer plant storage on shop shelves and at home. The lifespan of plants kept in this type of packaging is close to those of the lab plants.

The pre-packed plants do not need to be put into water before planting, they can be kept in their sealed containers until usage. Please do not open the container, as it is difficult to seal back, and they can dry out if you do not plant them right after opening the bag.

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