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NatureHolic Chichfeed - 50ml

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The NatureHolic Chichfeed has a grain size of 1.5 mm and is therefore also suitable for larger fish. The NH Cichfeed is a soft granulate for predominantly carnivorous fish. It has the same consistency as small crustaceans and insect larvae that fish eat naturally, and the soft granules protect the fish's mouth from micro-injuries that can be caused by hard feed granules.

Since small crustaceans are also among the preferred food animals of cichlids in nature, we have added high-quality Arctic krill to the recipe for NatureHolic Cichfeed. In addition to the valuable Omega3 fish oil also processed here, the easily digestible krill provides essential unsaturated fatty acids (PUFA). A vitamin mix in high dosage helps to prevent deficiency symptoms . Garlic extract has been added as a special additive - for a strong immune system and beautiful coloration.

Carnivores also need a certain amount of vegetable food in their diet - this corresponds to the intestinal contents of their prey, which usually eat vegetable food. We have taken this into account in the composition of NatureHolic Cichfeeds.

We have incorporated several innovations into our new NatureHolic fish feed:

The NH Immun+ complex, specially developed for our fish feed, is based on plant substances and prebiotic substances that can strengthen the immune system of ornamental fish in the aquarium. In particular, extracts of garlic have an immune-boosting effect and also combat parasites

The NH Color+ high performance additive, which relies on a whole 5 different color boosters: Beta-carotene, lutein, zeaxanthin, lycopene and astaxanthin. Carotenoids contribute to good color formation and can even boost the immune system and promote reproduction in aquarium fish.

The NH Energy+ complex, composed of special amino acids and their derivatives, contributes with L-carnitine or gamma-aminobutyric acid to a significantly improved condition as well as better, healthier growth in aquarium fish. In aquaculture these positive effects have been used for a long time, now it is also available for ornamental fish in the aquarium.

NH Fulvin+ complex contains the humic substance fulvic acid or fulvic acid. Fulvins, besides transporting vitamins, trace elements and minerals, can bind pollutants and inhibit bacterial growth, with a positive effect on healthy digestion and a strong immune system. The life expectancy of the fish can increase, as they can absorb nutrients better.

NatureHolic Cichfeed is very happily accepted by the cichlids in the aquarium. The nutrients are balanced and easily digestible, so the fish do not excrete many nutrients with the feces. This avoids water turbidity due to excess nutrients in the aquarium water.

Feeding advice: Feed several times a day an amount that your cichlids can manage within a few minutes. With NatureHolic Cichfeed you do not buy cheap fillers, there is power in here! The feed formula is highly concentrated, and so the feed sinks a little faster than other fish foods for cichlids. Feed therefore rather a little less and several times a day.

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NameNatureHolic Chichfeed - 50ml
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