Green Aqua Marsilea Hirsuta - lab plant in jelly

Origin: Australia
Type: Bottom layer
Growth: medium
Height:  2 cm - 10 cm
Width: 5 cm - 10 cm
Light demands: 0,50 Watt per liter
CO2 demands: 6-14 mg per liter

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Marsilea Hirsuta is a carpeting-plant from Australia. It is a fascinating plant, usually delivered with leaves like a four-leaf clover. After a transitional submersed period it will develop different types of leaves, most of them being dark-green and the shape of Glossostigma or alternatively it could develop two, three or four-lobe leaves varying in height (from 2-10 cm), depending on the growth conditions. The plant will form runners and will spread rapidly in the aquarium.

All Green Aqua branded lab plants are cultivated specially in our laboratories - in a special jelly. They are free of snails, algae and pesticides - totally harmless to fish and shrimp. These unique cups can be kept for a relatively long time (days to weeks) before planting and they are absolutely easier to prepare before planting. They are young plants with strong roots compared to their potted counterparts. Please only open the cups before planting - in order to avoid early contamination with mould. Wash the plants completely free from jelly before use. Plant using tweezers. Remember that soft water, good lighting and CO2 injection usually promote better growth and health.

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Name Green Aqua Marsilea Hirsuta - lab plant in jelly
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