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Nature Aquarium

Aquascaping - The basics

For beginners

Aquascaping is probably the most beautiful and most interesting style in the modern aquarium hobby. Its fast-growing popularity comes from the fact that it brings a piece of nature into our homes. The method has been founded by the Japanese Takashi Amano. The English expression, "Nature Aquarium" perfectly describes its essence: planted tanks are not only about plants but they are about a natural harmony of plants, fish, stones and wood.

IAPLC 2012 winning work - Asian Spirit

People kept fish for centuries. Over these years, a number of brilliant ideas and concepts have emerged within the framework of the aquarium hobby. Dutch-style aquaria are worth mentioning as an example – they are characterized by an ordered variety of plants shown side-by-side, and an underwater mixture of colors, to present the plants within strict narrative rules. The breakthrough came in the eighties, when the previously mentioned Master Amano revolutionized the hobby... He realized that technology has eventually allowed us to return to our roots. We can use our knowledge to reproduce natural underwater processes in our own aquarium. This is how the notion of Nature Aquarium was born.

The essence of the concept is that in contradiction to the vague and shady image of conventional aquaria we should create a vibrant, strongly lit underwater world - as seen in Nature. A world where the natural photosynthesis of plants produces tiny bubbles on the surface of leaves in the oxygen-saturated water.

Nature Aquarium

Spectacular. Reliable. Stabile.

64 liter Opti-White glass ADA aquarium set built of quality products. The white cabinet is 60 cm wide and 80 cm high, made of premium quality painted solid wood. Daily dosing of Green Aqua plant fertilizers. It needs a maximum of 1-hour maintenance per week – with 50% water change (using RO water). Sustainable for years.

The four basic elements of a Nature Aquarium

External filters, filter materials

The basis of modern aquaria is efficient filtration. No algae-free and healthy aquaria can be operated without a strong filter. Larger tanks can only be used with external filters. The filter is usually the most expensive equipment of an aquarium.
Carbon-dioxide (CO2) injection

Most plants require a relatively high level of carbon-dioxide for their photosynthesis. Since there is not enough CO2 in the conventional tanks, we need to inject it separately. CO2 system components and assembly are also explained here.
ADA Aqua Sky LED lamps - lighting

The lighting of planted tanks is significantly brighter (more than double) than that of conventional aquaria, therefore the photosynthesis is also more intense. Bright light makes the image of the aquarium more impressive, vibrant and vivid.
Clay-based substrate, complete plant substrate

The use both general plant substrate and base layer fertilizing substrate plays a crucial role in the biological filtration. This is more important than one would think. The roots of most plants only thrive in clay-based soil. Sand and gravel should only be used for decoration!

Green Aqua Nature Aquarium

Other important factors to consider



Plants - in addition to CO2 injection - require fertilizers too. Plant nutrition provides them with macro and micro nutrients, essential for growth. Fertilizing is an easy task, it should be no problem to the beginners - if one uses good quality fertilizers.

Plant selection


You can place plants based on their height to the foreground, mid-ground or background. Not all plants will be planted in the substrate, mosses and some other plants can be tied on stone or branches. Plants should always be selected in line with our CO2 system and tank size.

Water quality


Water quality is equally important from the perspective of the fish, the plants, and the bacteria in charge of biological filtration. Chlorine, found in tap water, is dangerous for all living beings, therefore tap water should always be treated with water conditioners. Ideally, softened (purified) water is recommended.

Hardscape, layout


The idea of stones and wood arrangement (the layout of the aquascape) is only limited by our imagination. This is the most creative part of modern aquarium design, as seen in aquascaping competition entries. Check our image gallery for inspiration before you start to design your layout!



You need to think to the future maintenance of your aquarium at the setup stage already. The Water Change System and the aquarium itself should be designed to ensure that you do not have to spend more than 1 hour a week with maintenance. It should be fast and easy.



Takashi Amano: "Creating nature is the ultimate luxury". The expenses of building an aquarium depend on a number of factors. In this guide, we strive to summarize everything you need to know about prices. In general, if expenses matter to you, always choose smaller but quality aquariums over bigger tanks.

After considering the previously written factors, let us recommend you some guides that will help you navigate through the wonderful world of the planted tanks. These materials are useful not only for beginners but advanced aquarists as well. Our Aquascaping Magazine includes additional information, among others on the connection of RO devices, the analysis of various filter materials, the identification of root causes of the algae bloom and several other topics that you might be interested in - over the long run.

ADA - Nature Aquarium basics (PlantSchool)


The informative articles published in the Aqua Design Amano Aqua Journal have been written primarily for beginners, but they often provide new information for experienced enthusiasts as well. Therefore we also recommend you to attend the ADA Plant-School.



Let us advise you on the gift selection! We will help you to find the perfect gift with products listed by price and target group. Based on our customers' feedback, the products listed on this page can all be a lovely present for your loved ones.

Green Aqua filter selection information


Filtration is the single most important element in modern aquariums. In the process of creating the biological balance and an algae-free environment, this is probably the most important (and costly) decision as well. We can help you make the right choice.

Green Aqua alga tájékoztató


The appearance of algae, triggered by the combined presence of ammonia and light, is the sign of an inadequately adjusted ecosystem. It usually has nothing to do with excessive phosphate and nitrate. We should always strive to eliminate the root cause and never use chemicals (biocides).

"The visual impact that the nature aquarium has on us - the viewers, involuntarily forces us to remember where we all came from. It makes us aware that we are part of a beautiful, vibrant and colorful natural world. This attraction is very strong, almost irresistible. It is a real satisfaction for any aquascaper to see the admiration on people’s faces when they enter the space exhibiting the underwater garden – this is the first thing they notice in a room, office or lobby, sooner than a large screen television. Aquascaping gives us access to our love of nature and it is a creative manifestation at the same time." - Balázs Farkas

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