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JBL Sansibar Dark 5kg - gravel for aquariums

JBL Sansibar Black - 5 kg

  • Very decorative gravel for aquariums and aqua terrariums.
  • Grain size: 0.2 – 0.5 mm. Suited e.g. for cory catfish.
  • Ideal in combination with JBL AquaBasis plus for perfect plant growth.
  • Not so well suited for undergravel heating cables.
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JBL Sansibar Dark - FAQ

On JBL Sansibar black we noticed a magnetic component. What is this? JBL Sansibar black is a natural product which has small fluctuations in its mineral composition depending on its source. The "magnetic component", which can be traced to iron kernels, occurs in isolated cases, but does not have any harmful effect on the operation of the aquarium.
Can JBL Sansibar black also be used for aquariums with shrimps and other invertebrates? Yes, this is no problem. The mineral composition of the natural product doesn’t contain any substances which are harmful to aquatic invertebrates.
Should JBL Sansibar black be washed before use inside the aquarium ? JBL Sansibar black is a natural product with fluctuations in its dust content. To be on the safe side it should be thoroughly washed before use in the aquarium.
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Name JBL Sansibar Dark 5kg - gravel for aquariums
SKU JBL67050
Manufacturer JBL
Color Black