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JBL ProTemp CoolControl Thermostat for fans

  • Regulates the cooling fan between 1 and 50 W (e.g., JBL Cooler, all sizes).
  • Measures the temperature with its own temperature sensor.
  • Connected via a DC 5/2 mm connector with the cooling fan.
  • Temperature selector ranging between 18 and 36 °C. Switch for automatic, manual or off.
  • Includes functional diode controller.

  • Example: If you adjust the JBL CoolControl to 28°C, the thermostat switches on the connected cooling fan (JBL Cooler) till the temperature has dropped to 28°C. Then the cooling fan switches off until the temperature rises again.
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Name JBL ProTemp CoolControl Thermostat for fans
SKU JBL60439
Manufacturer JBL