JBL NH4 - Ammonium test 10 ml

  • Recommended value: max. 0.25 mg/l NH₄.
  • For approx. 50 measurements with glass cuvettes.
  • For fresh water and salt water. Range of values: < 0.05; 0.1; 0.2; 0.4; 0.6; 1; 1.5; 3; 5 mg/l.
  • Table for the resulting ammonia content is enclosed.
  • Laboratory compensation system for compensating water discoloration.
  • Includes a syringe for simple measurement of the amount of water.
  • 50 tests
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JBL NH4 10 ml - FAQ

Which scale applies for my aquarium? My test has two or three control fields with fish and recommendations.

We repeatedly receive questions regarding the symbols on the water test. The hobby areas cannot be clearly assigned to the scales for analysis. There are three symbols to make the hobby areas on the colour charts clear:

Discus = fresh water
Emperor = salt water
Koi = garden pond

In the following, you will find a list which assigns the scale for analysing the results from measurements in the hobby area and explains the symbols: The scales are described from the top to the bottom here.

NO3: salt water, fresh water, garden pond
pH 6.0 – 7.6: fresh water, garden ponds
pH 7.4 – 9.0: salt water, fresh water, garden pond
Fe: fresh water, garden pond

The following JBL tests have a uniform scale for all 2 or 3 hobby areas for analysis of the results from the measurements, as differentiation is no longer necessary:

pH 3-10

Which of the three scales on the colour cards symbolize of the water tests saltwater, freshwater and garden pond ?

koi carp = garden pond
angel fish = saltwater
discus = freshwater

Does the JBL ammonium test NH4 measure only ammonium NH4+ or does it also measure ammonia NH3 ?

The JBL ammonium test NH4 measures both ammonium NH4+ and ammonia NH3.

Do my water tests still work although they have been open for nine months?

Basically a sealed test keeps longer than an open one. How much the shelf life is reduced depends crucially on the handling and the storage conditions of the reagents. It may happen that a reagent in a test that has been open for 9 months doesn’t indicate correctly any more. However, additional information is needed to answer this question properly.

The instructions point out that the comparator block should be used to compare the colours. Can this be done without the comparator block as well ? Or is there a factor from this comparison that is required for the measurement ?

The colour charts are intended to be used with the comparator block. Besides this, when the comparator block is used, the blank water sample compensates for the water’s natural colour. Therefore, if the comparator block is not used, there will most likely be deviations in the readings.

The JBL Ammonium/Ammonia Test (NH₄/NH₃) does not turn green, and instead turns black.

This JBL Ammonium/Ammonia Test expired many years ago and will not function anymore.

What is the shelf life of the JBL Ammonium/Ammonia Test ?

The JBL ammonium/ammonia test has a shelf life of 2 years in the original sealed bottle.

The following is printed on the bottom of the packaging:

CH/B: 2246 (e.g.) = batch number
BBD: 05/12 (e.g.) = best-before date.

Please note that the best-before date does not apply for opened reagents. Exposure to atmospheric oxygen decreases the shelf life.

Do the water tests work at every temperature, or won’t they show me any result or only a wrong result if the temperature is too high or too low?

Yes, you can use the water tests at low temperatures and high temperatures alike and will obtain correct results.

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