JBL Manado natural substrate - 25 L

JBL Manado natural substrate 25 L

  • Supports the filter with its large colonisation area for pollutant-absorbing bacteria.
  • The special structure supports the development of plant roots.
  • Restricts the growth of algae by absorbing excess fertiliser.
  • The rounded shape is also gentle on the sensitive barbels of ground-dwelling fish.
  • The optics are attractive and natural.
  • Content: 25 l
  • Range:350 l


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What grain size does JBL Manado have? The grain size is 0.5-2 mm.

Can I use JBL Manado in an aquarium with sand? No, because Manado has a higher pore volume than sand. This means that the sand would trickle down through it.
Why does the TH (total hardness) go up after I have added JBL Manado? Should the TH still remain too high despite several water changes, this is an indication that JBL Manado hasn’t been cleaned thoroughly enough. Please carry out a daily water change of at least 70% for about 4-5 days. The cleansing process should then be complete.
Can I add JBL Manado (substrate) to an aquarium afterwards? It is no problem to add JBL Manado subsequently to the aquarium. But then I would recommend rinsing JBL Manado very thoroughly in warm water beforehand. Without this, natural raw material variations could lead to a release of calcium into the water. However this effect is short-term and can be prevented by a thorough rinse in warm water.
Why does foam form on the water surface after I add JBL Manado? Even if remote diagnoses are extremely difficult here, the formation of foam on the water surface is an indication of too many organic components, particularly protein, which foams as a result of the water agitation. This would have to be confirmed by taking samples, though. As JBL manado is free of organic substances, one can be quite sure that it is not the cause of the foam.
Is it necessary to add an additional nutrient substrate such as JBL AquaBasis under JBL Manado, or do JBL Manado’s properties enable it to do without? JBL Manado itself doesn’t contain any fertilizer. JBL Manado is, however, able to absorb nutrients (especially trace elements) to supply to the plant roots. For a good plant growth it is advisable to use JBL AquaBasis plus underneath JBL Manado.
Can JBL Manado be used with a substrate heating cable additionally, or would that lead to overheating? I don't see a risk of overheating as long as the substrate heating cable is installed properly with the spacers and is not placed directly on the glass pane.
While adding JBL Manado to the tank, we noticed a magnetic component. What is that? Manado is produced from a natural raw material (clay), which can exhibit slight fluctuations in mineral composition, depending on where it was found. The "magnetic component", which can be traced to iron kernels, occurs in isolated cases, but does not have any harmful effect on tank operation. Quite the contrary, plants need iron as a trace element and use it.

Can I use a gravel cleaner with JBL Manado? Manado has a lower specific weight than gravel. The substrate can usually be cleaned with a gravel cleaner of sufficient width. If Manado is suctioned with too much force, it helps to decrease the suction power by means of a stopcock, for example.If a tank has just been set up, normally, the bottom does not need to be cleaned thoroughly, and cleaning can be limited to the upper part of the tank.

More Information
Name JBL Manado natural substrate - 25 L
SKU JBL67025
Manufacturer JBL
Color Orange

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