JBL CO2/pH Permanent Test Set

  • A special indicator instead of aquarium water permits direct measurement of the CO₂ level in mg/l.
  • 20 – 25 mg/l CO₂ is ideal.
  • Replace the indicator only every 3-4 weeks = lasts a total of 9-12 months.
  • Indicates the pH value (6.4 – 7.8) in addition to the CO₂ level.
  • Mode of operation: The CO₂ diffuses from the aquarium water into the air column within the permanent test casing and from there into the indicator liquid. As a result of the diffusing CO₂ the pH value of the indicator changes and consequently also its colour, which is then compared on the colour scale. In this way the CO₂ level and also the pH value can be read.
  • If however the pH value in the aquarium has been influenced by other factors (peat, pH-Minus), then the indicator of the JBL permanent test cannot react because these acids cannot diffuse into the indicator via the air column. The indicator always merely displays the pH value which is reached due to CO₂.
  • The displayed CO₂ level of the JBL permanent test is always correct, independent of any substances in the aquarium waters that are affecting the water.



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JBL CO₂/pH-Permanent Test Set -FAQ

Is the fluid of the JBL CO₂/pH-Permanent Test harmful to the tank inhabitants if some of it gets into the water ?

The fluid itself with the colour indicator is not harmful in any way with the high dilution in the tank and, in addition, it decomposes very quickly.

What is the shelf life of the JBL CO₂ Permanent Test ?

The JBL CO₂ permanent test has a shelf life of 3 years in the original sealed bottle.

The following is printed on the bottom of the packaging:

CH/B: 2413 (e.g.) = batch number
BBD: 09/13 (e.g.) = best-before date (month/year)

Please note that the best-before date does not apply for opened reagents. Exposure to atmospheric oxygen decreases the shelf life.

Is the drop count of 35 correct for JBL Test-Set CO₂/pH-Permanent ?

Yes, the drop count is correct. This is the reason why two bottles of indicator solution are included with the test. With the new JBL Test-Set CO₂/pH-Permanent the indicator solution is no longer prepared in the aquarium water. The indicator is adjusted to a fixed carbonate hardness so that incorrect measurements (as when humic acids enter the aquarium water) no longer occur.

Aren’t these two statements about the JBL CO2/pH-Permanent test contradictory ? The special indicator shows the CO2 level independently from substances in the water, such as humic acids or nitrate, which influence the pH value. The pH permanent test only works when no substances, such as pH-Minus or peat, which influence the pH values, are added.

No, the two statements do not contradict each other. The indicator reacts to the pH value of the test liquid. The indicator in the JBL CO2/pH-Permanent test only changes colour because of the carbon dioxide which has diffused from the water into the test liquid. Humic acids or other acids have a pH-reducing effect. As a result the real pH value in the aquarium water can be lower than that shown in the indicator, which is only influenced by the diffused carbon dioxide inside the water. The reagent in the JBL CO₂/pH Permanent Test decolourises after a few days. It is very likely that a bacterial biofilm has formed in the container. Please place the reaction vessel in hot water (> 40 °C) for approx. 10 minutes. In order to do so, it must be taken apart and then put together again afterwards. Please do not use boiling water, as this may cause damage to the plastic. The JBL CO₂ Test turns light green after a few days if there is too much CO₂ in the water. When it is refilled, it turns dark-green again. Bacterial degradation by a biofilm on the measuring vessel walls appears to be taking place here. Please clean the measuring vessel thoroughly with warm water or JBL BioClean A.

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