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JBL Aqua In-out complete set - self-priming and refills automatically - all in one set

  • A water jet creates suction which draws the water out of the tank.
  • It even siphones with a water jet pump when the tank is situated below the level of the sink!
  • Ready for connection to most water taps with the two enclosed 28 x 1/22 x 1 & G3/4 M24 adapters.
  • Comes with a gravel cleaner and an 8 m hose.
  • After siphoning the pump just needs to be switched to “fill”.



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JBL Aqua In-Out complete set - FAQ

JBL Aqua In-Out stopcock: Sometimes there is no suction at the drain. What might be the cause?

It is impossible to determine why there is too little suction in a specific case by remote diagnosis. Factors such as the water pressure of the water mains, length of hose and whether there are any clogs in the system my be involved.

The suction is needed

a) when the Aqua In-Out is started up
b) permanently when the drain is higher than the water level in the tank.

JBL Aqua In-Out: The adapters that come with it don't fit on the faucet in the kitchen or the one in the bathroom. Neither do they fit on the bathtub faucet. Where can I get the right adapters?

Unfortunately, I can't provide information on where you can find a suitable adapter in your area. All I can recommend is trying a conventional bathroom fittings shop.

Why does the hose always pop off at the coupling?

Have you made sure that the hose was positioned securely in the guide (between the connector and the "flexible knobs") at the coupling when the hose was installed? This is important because pressure is exerted on the hose when the coupling piece is screwed fast so that it can no longer come off.

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Name JBL Aqua In-out complete set - self-priming and refills automatically - all in one set
SKU JBL61430
Manufacturer JBL