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Impa Super Ancora Verticale Transparent hardscape glue - 1,5 kg

Two-component mastic based on unsaturated polyester resins, suitable for application on vertical surfaces without sagging. Green Aqua has used Impa Super Ancora glue several times, it is a well-tried solution to glue wood or stones.

Please read the Details below about the usage.

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Gel time: 6-8 minutes
Complete polymerisation: after approx. 2 hours
Workability: after 2 hours on medium thickness

Application note
Surface preparation : Surfaces to be treated must be dry, clean, dust free,
without grease or wax traces.
Application method : spatula

Suggested thickness : In case of filling on wide surfaces, do not exceed 5
mms for each application. In order to get greater
thickness perform several applications.

To use correctly, add to 100 parts of mastic 2-3 parts by weight of catalyst. Stir thoroughly up to
get an homogeneous mass; apply having care to let stick well the product to the surface, making a
light pressure on the spatula.

Catalyst must be bought separately. For 1 whole can at least 2 catalyst is needed.

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Name Impa Super Ancora Verticale Transparent hardscape glue - 1,5 kg
SKU IM-3561-0000
Manufacturer Green Aqua