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Hydor Flo deflector 360

Rotating water deflector applicable, with proper adaptors, to the outlet of any pump or filter. Moves the aquarium water increasing oxygenation and surface gas exchange preventing the formation of the “white line” effects.

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The deflector rotates 360° pushed by the power of the flow rate which passes
through a gearing. The water then creates a pleasant wave effect moving
plants and/or anemones in a very natural way. This allows to increase considerably
the oxygenation.
Why a professional aerobic filter?
By adding a sponge to the rotating deflector the filtering system of your
aqua-rium can be improved. This kind of filtration, which captures the
unpleasant film from the water surface, is ideal for overpopulated aquariums.
BIOFLO’s nitrification efficiency is shown in the following table in milligrams
(mg) of ammonia (NH3) removed in one hour (hr):
BIOFLO small 1.0 ±0.1 mg/hr
BIOFLO medium 2.6 ±0.2 mg/hr
BIOFLO large 3.6 ±0.4 mg/hr


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Name Hydor Flo deflector 360
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Manufacturer Green Aqua