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Fish diseases in pond

In case your pond fish fall ill, we will show you which disease it is, and how to combat it reliably here.


Identification of fish diseases

Describing fish diseases is not easy. This is why we have collected hundreds of photos, which can help you to identify fish diseases. Have a look at the JBL Online Hospital (Online Hospital). There you can diagnose fish diseases using photos or to identify them with the help of an identification key. A click on the photo of the disease will lead you to the corresponding fish disease and refer you to the treatment, as well as to any possible mix-ups.


Triggering factors of fish diseases in pond fish

Although fish diseases in pond fish are caused by parasites, bacteria or other pathogens they are often triggered beforehand by other factors. Thus the fluctuation of the pH level of your pond water (with low pH 6 in the morning and high in the evening) can result in a weakening of your fish, and their weakened immune system makes the infection through pathogen germs or parasites possible in the first place. If we compare it to humans it illustrates the situation well. We are also more vulnerable to illnesses, when we are extremely stressed.

Therefore a stable aquatic environment and good nutrition are the best preventive measures against fish diseases. Combat fish diseases with the suitable medication and afterwards check your water parameters to find out the cause. Consider changing the diet of your fish to a high quality food, which exactly matches the fish size and feeding habits (JBL Koi feed concept).


Outbreak of disease after adding new fish

Pond enthusiasts sometimes notice that new fish cause an outbreak of disease, and thus assume that the retailer has sold them diseased pond fish. This is not usually the case! Again a comparison with humans is appropriate to illustrate the problem. When the Spanish conquered South America in about 1500 AD, they introduced the “harmless” influenza virus. Since the natives of South America had never been exposed by these influenza viruses before, they hadn’t developed enough resistance to them and died in their thousands. It can be similar in the pond. The newly added fish have harmless parasites, which they have developed a resistance against. Your pond fish have never come in contact with these germs and are therefore very susceptible. Therefore a strengthening of your fish’s immune system and also of your new arrivals (the problem applies of course for both directions) is JBL AccliPond strongly recommended!


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