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Fish - Axelrodia riesei - Ruby tetra

Scientific name: Axelrodia riesei (GÉRY, 1966)
Common name: Ruby tetra
Taxonomic group: Characidae
Origin: Colombia
Habitat:Smaller blackwater tributaries
Behavior: Peaceful schooling
Diet: Omnivore
Breeding: only in acidic water
Size: 1,5-2 cm
Tank size: 54 litres minimum
Population: 6-8 specimens at least
Setup: Dark substrate, lot of plants
Temperature: 20 – 28 °C
pH: 4-6.5
General hardness: ? - 8 °dH
Lifespan: ?
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Relatively new species in the hobby with a lot of unknown areas around it's needs. It's original habitat is the Rio Meta, a tributarie to the Orinoco system. Due to it's small size and bright red color it has a great potential in the aquascaping hobby. The ruby tetra is a lot similar to the popular ember tetra but with much stronger base color and a touch of black. Best added to a high-tech tank because it prefers soft water and spotless filtration. Dark substate and dense vegetation can imitate the dimmer light condition of it's natural habitat. Small, peaceful schooling fish, best kept as big as possible groups. Do not cohabit with much larger, agressive or predatory fish. The ruby tetra is a micropredator, eats small worms and crustaceans in the wild. They like small frozen foods as Cyclops and Daphnia as well as small sized pellets. Adding Cyclops to their diet helps to maintain their best color. Breeding is a challange, they need extremely soft water and infusoria scaled food for the fry.
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Name Fish - Axelrodia riesei - Ruby tetra
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