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Hal - Fish - Cobalt gourami - Colisa lalia

Scientific name: Trichogaster lalius/Colisa lalia (F. Hamilton, 1822)
Common name: Cobalt gourami
Taxonomic group: Osphronemidae
Origin: Pakistan, India, Bangladesh
Habitat: Sluggish waters, irrigation canals
Behavior: Territorial
Diet: Omnivore
Breeding: Bubble-nesting
Size: 4-5 cm
Tank size: 60 litre minimum
Population: 1 pair
Setup: Driftwood, lots of plants
Temperature: 16-28 °C
pH: 6,5-7,2
General hardness: 2-18 °dH
Lifespan: 3-4 years

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The cobalt gouramy is a blue color variety of the common dwarf gouramy. Do not confuse it with the blue gouramy, which belongs to the Trichopodus trichopterus species! It's needs are the same as the wild, red and blue type's. As you can keep the dwaf gouramy solitary and it's slow-moving you can keep it in relatively small tanks compared to it's size. As Osphronemoid fish in general the dwarf gouramy is territorial with co-specimens but timid when it comes to other species. Do not add aggressive or long-finned, sensitive tankmates. Otherwise the dwarf gouramy is an easy and spectacular fish which fits well in a planted tank. In their natural habitat you can find various rasbora and loach species and they work well together in aquaria too. It's an unfussy omnivore, to achieve the best blue color feed quality food with spirulina. Females are silver or cream colored, the males of the different varieties have vivid colors featuring blue, red, or both. Do not keep two or more males together! Males tend to build the foam nest in the community tank too, but to a successful spawning the pair needs their own tank.

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Name Hal - Fish - Cobalt gourami - Colisa lalia
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