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Fish - Pseudomugil signifer

Scientific name: Pseudomugil signifer (KNER, 1866)
Common name: Pacific Blue-eye
Taxonomic group: Pseudomugilidae
Origin: Australia
Habitat: From coastal creeks to mangrove swamps
Behavior: Schooling
Diet: Small omnivore
Breeding: Egg scatterer
Size: 3-6 cm
Tank size: 54 litre min.
Population: 6 specimen at least
Setup: Branches, dense vegetation
Temperature: 20 – 26 °C
pH: 6.5 – 7.5
General hardness: 5-20 °dH
Lifespan: ?
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One of the newest small rainbowfish species in the hobby. It's easy to keep, small, pretty and as a novelty somewhat unique. It's natural habitat ranges from tannin stained creekst to mangrowe swamps and estuaries throughout the Australian continent. It can be found in both soft, acidic and hard, alkaline waters. Practically you can keep it in any type of planted tank with success! The only important thing is a good, mature filtration system. It can live in full marine and brackish water too, but fortunately salt is not necessary at all. The blue-eye is an unfussy omnivore with a small mouth. Provide small, quality food, preferably with spirulina and cyclops for the best colors. Keep in big groups to show the best natural behavior, unless they become timid. Within ideal conditions the males will constantly show off their competitive behavior which is a harmless but spectacular posing. Blue-eyes are egg scatterers without any parental care. They lay eggs easily in a community tank but it's hard to find them in time. If the vegetation is really dense some fry can hatch and grow without any help.
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Name Fish - Pseudomugil signifer
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