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Fish - Corydoras sterbai

One of the least popular Cory species. It's a good fit in a planted setup with it's fine pattern and light color. As Corys in general the Sterba's is a bottom dweller schooling fish best kept in big groups. Feeds from the bottom, accepts quality sinking pellets and frozen foods. The substrate choice is important to them because they are easily injured by coarse ground gravels. Fine sand and clay soils are the best for this fish. The Sterba's cory often spawns in the community tank too. It's one of the easiest species for beginners to learn the breeding of egg-laying fish. The fry is bigger than usual and accepts artemia nauplii for their first meal.
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Scientific name: Corydoras sterbai (Knaack; 1962)
Common name: Sterba's cory
Taxonomic group: Catfish
Origin: Brazil, Bolivia
Habitat: Streams, tributaries, flooded areas
Behavior: Peaceful shcooling
Diet: bottom feeder omnivore
Breeding: happens in community tanks too
Size:6.5 cm
Tank size: Minimum 50 liters
Population: 6 specimen at least
Setup: soft substrate
Temperature: 24-28 °C
pH: 6-7,6
General hardness: 1-12 GH
Lifespan: 5-10 years

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Name Fish - Corydoras sterbai
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