Fish - Dwarf Puffer - Carinotetraodon travancoricus

A really unique fish both in appearence and behavior. Unlike other puffers it lives in shoals in the nature. Despite it's funny impression it has the real puffer attitude, it's prone to nip other fish with a mouth which is built to crack snail shells. Better to keep in a species only tank and keep at least 3-4 speciment together to split up the aggression. Sometimes cohabitation works with small bottom dwelling species like the Otocinclus catfish. In the nature they eat mostly invertebrates such as mollusks and crustaceans. Since their usual prey has a hard shell they are equipped with a sharp, ever-growing "beak". In captivity they need to have offered regularly some food with similar strong shell, like snails or shrimps. They live in sluggish, heavily vegetated rivers or small lakes. When young their sex cannot be determined. Some researchers suggest they don't even have a sex before a certain age. The biggest, strongest specimens became males, the smaller ones females. The adult males are recognizable from the wrikle-like pattern around the eyes, the females are rounder. Successful breeding is rare in aquaria, the fry is very small and fragile. 
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Scientific name: Carinotetraodon travancoricus (Hora & Nair, 1941)
Common name: Dwarf puffer
Taxonomic group: Puffers
Origin: Kerala, India
Habitat: Slow moving, heavily vegetated waters
Behavior: Shy with some attitude
Diet: Worms and snails
Breeding: Rare in aquaria
Size: 2,5 cm
Tank size: from 30 litres
Population: At least a group of 3-4
Setup: Lots of fine leaved plants 
Temperature: 22-28 °C
pH: 6,8-8
General hardness: 5-25NK°
Lifespan: 3-4 years
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Name Fish - Dwarf Puffer - Carinotetraodon travancoricus
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