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Fish - Platy

A classic fish from the very beginning of the fishkeeping hobby. It exists in a lot of color and pattern varieties. It's hybrids with the Xiphophorus variatus are even more diverse with blue-green metallic hues. You can choose 10 platys without having two roughly similar ones. It's a useful trick if you are planning a fishtank for a small child. Children tend to like the variety, while fish prefer the company of conspecifics - with this trick you can achieve both in the same time. Platys like a varied diet with a lof of plant based ingredients. They are peaceful community fish without a pronounced schooling behavior. If you have both sexes they will breed without any help. In a heavily planted tank the fry can grow up on it's own.
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Scientific name: Xiphophorus maculatus (Gunther, 1866)
Common name:Platy, southern platyfish
Taxonomic group: Poecilids
Origin: Coastal plains in central America
Habitat: Slow moving waters
Behavior: Peaceful community fish
Diet: Omnivore
Breeding: Livebearer, quite easy
Size: 4-6 cm
Tank size: from 50 litres
Population: At least a group of six
Setup: Lots of fine leaved plants for the fry
Temperature: 20-27 °C
pH: 7-8,2
General hardness: 10-30NK°
Lifespan: 3-4 years
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Name Fish - Platy
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