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Fish - Endler guppy

Although only recently discovered this tiny fish is readily available in many color variations. It's hybrids with the common guppy are especially diverse. At first it was classified as a subspecies of the common guppy but recent studies elected it to the rank of a separate species. It's much smaller than the guppy and thrives on higher temperatures. Due to it's small size and peaceful nature it's a practical choice for nano tanks. Needs a varied diet with high content of plant based ingredients. As livebearers in general it doesn't shows the classic schooling behaviour, but with its active movement and colorful appearence makes a worthy addition to both smaller and bigger tanks. You wouldn't think of them, but Endlers are quite strong swmimmers and they like heavy currents. They like hard waters with high carbonate content, so the typical Hungarian tap water is perfect for them. If they are kept in good conditions with both sexes present they will easily breed without any preparations. The females are bigger, cream colored, round in the belly. The males are tiny, colorful and slender. If you are not interested in breeding the best way is to buy male fish only
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Scientific name: Poecilia wingei (Poeser, Kempkes & Isbrucker, 2005) Common name: Endler's livebearer Taxonomic group: Poecilids Origin: Northeastern Venezuela Habitat: Small, warm, still eutrophic waters Behavior: Peaceful community fish Diet: Omnivore, small sized foods Breeding: Livebearer, quite easy Size: 2-3 cm Tank size: from 30 liter Population: At least a group of six Setup: Lots of fine leaved plants for the fry Temperature: 24-30 °C pH: 7-8,5 General hardness: 15-35NK° Lifespan: 3 years
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Name Fish - Endler guppy
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