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Fish - Gyrinocheilus aymonieri

Scientific name: Gyrinocheilus aymonieri (Tirant, 1883)
Synonyms: Psilorhynchus aymonieri, Gyrinocheilus kaznakovi, Gyrinocheilus monchadskii
Common name: Chinese Algae Eater, CAE Sucking 'Loach'
Taxonomic group: Cyprinids
Origin: Malaysia, Cambodia, China, Thailand
Habitat: Fast flowing rivers and creeks
Behavior: Schooling when young, territorial when old
Diet: Plant based when young, mixed when old
Breeding: Not known
Size: 15-20 cm
Tank size: 100 litre minimum
Population: After full maturity 1 specimen/tank
Setup: Strong flow, lots of free space for swimming
pH: 6-8
General water hardness: 5-18NK°
Lifespan: 2-5 years
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Quite effective against algae when young. They may be the fastest solution against softer algae like the brown. In group they can completely  maintain bigger tanks. Howewer they will get rid fast of all edible algae so they need a lot of plant based food. As they mature they will turn towards foods with higher protein content. After reaching full maturity they start to develop territorial behaviour. They tend to react with agression to other CAEs and different species with similar elongated shape as well. Due to it's adult size best kept in larger tanks only. It's original wild color is silvery grey with darker spots in a row. In captivity exist a gold, gold-grey spotted and a clear iridescent silver variety too. Adult females are distinguishable due to their generally thicker body and rounder belly. We don't know about successful breeding in aquaria, they are mass produced on fish farms. 
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Name Fish - Gyrinocheilus aymonieri
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