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GrowCap 250-500 liter (6 pcs)

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What makes Growcap so unique?

Useful microorganisms have been added to this premium all-in-one formula, consisting of micro & macro nutrients, minerals and trace elements. The gradual release of nutrients is carried out by active bacteria, creating long-term effects without causing algae.

For lush and healthy growth of colorful plants use the handy green capsules. These are developed by our professional plant grower and effective for up to 12 weeks!

The capsules are 100% natural and contain exclusively high-quality elements. No added fillers and guaranteed safe for all flora and fauna, incl. shrimps.

The unique formula contributes to the ecological balance, which means that you can just enjoy a beautiful aquarium without spending so much time on maintenance!

How does Growcap work?

When pressed into the gravel the capsules will quickly dissolve, releasing all nutrients and activating the added microorganisms.

The microorganisms start absorbing the nutritional elements and multiply rapidly. They spread throughout the entire aquarium transporting nutrition to the (roots of) plants. But only when and if the plant demands for nutritional elements.

This natural process, also known as symbiosis forms the perfect bases for creating an ecological balance.

As a diversity of nutrition is only gradually released when requested; surplus amounts of nutrition in the water become history.

Thanks to this well balanced diet, the plant grows and colors optimally, while the aquarium remains bright.

Less maintenance!

As a diversity of nutrition is only gradually released by the microorganisms when requested; surplus amounts of nutrition in the water are history.

In addition, these diligent cleaners absorb and convert the excrement of the fish and shrimps. This combination of factors helps to prevent accumulations on the glass and limits the algae growth!

How do I start?

Starting with Growcap is simple! Just choose the packaging that fits the volume of your aquarium. And press all the capsules deep into the gravel, close to the roots of the plants. Easy!

Suggestion: use tweezers and place the capsules one by one.

Growcap ensures optimal plant growth and causes no algae. Natural, simple & safe!

Some suggestions:

In addition to good nutrition, your plants also need sufficient light and (fresh) water for optimal growth.

Change 25% of the water (± 24 °C) before using Growcap. Then change ± 15% every 2-3 weeks. Changing with osmosis or filtered rainwater simplifies nutrient intake by the plant.

Make sure there is not only sufficient light (Lumen), but also make sure to use the correct light spectrum for your plants. And remember, the greater the distance, the less light reaches them!

Depending on plant density and growth rate of plants you need to use new capsules every 8 to 12 weeks. A good rule of thumb is that leaves or plants become lighter/transparent when they lack nutrition.

Tip: it may be useful to put a note on the calender in about 8 weeks from the (first) moment of use. This way you can continue to enjoy a beautiful aquarium with healthy plants!

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NameGrowCap 250-500 liter (6 pcs)
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