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GreenWorks TDS & Conductivity Digital Tester

GreenWorks TDS & Conductivity Digital Tester

An easy-to-use digital TDS tester. 

Automatically temperature compesated.

Comes with an elegant leather case.

A TDS Meter indicates the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) of a solution, i.e. the concentration of dissolved solids in it. Since dissolved ionized solids such as salts and minerals increase the conductivity of a solution, a TDS meter measures the conductivity of the solution and estimates the TDS from that.

Dissolved organic solids such as sugar and microscopic solid particles such as colloids, do not significantly affect the conductivity of a solution so a TDS meter does not include them in its reading.

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GreenWorks TDS & Conductivity Digital Tester

  • This item can be used in: water purifiers and filters, food (vegetable, fruits) & drink quality monitoring, pools and spas, aquariums, hydroponics
  • Hold function: Saves measurements for convenient reading and recording
  • Auto-off function: Turns off meter after 10 minutes of non-use to conserve batteries
  • Dual Range: Measures form 0-999ppm, with a resolution of 1ppm. From 1,000 to 9,990ppm, the resolution is 10ppm, indicated by drinking x 10image, Factory calibrated 
  • Range: 0-9990ppm
  • Accuracy: +/-2%
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Name GreenWorks TDS & Conductivity Digital Tester
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Manufacturer GreenWorks