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Green Aqua aquarium, Opti-White - 36 l, 45x27x30 cm, 6 mm

The special Opti-White aquariums manufactured by Green Aqua are from the XXI. they are made with the most modern glass technology of the 20th century. Opti-White technology greatly increases the transparency and purity of the glass, producing a huge visual improvement compared to aquariums made of traditional glass. Opti-white aquariums are made with transparent gluing used in plant aquaristics, using minimal glue. The edges of the glass are light blue instead of the usual green! We can produce any size on request.

Dimensions: 45x27x30 cm (length-width-height).
Glass thickness: 6 mm.
Warranty: 1 year


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Aquariums made of high-purity white glass guarantee a crystal-clear, distortion-free image of the underwater world and perfect color reproduction. As a result of many years of development, these aquariums guarantee uncompromising quality. All aquariums go through strict quality control. In aquascaping, the common requirement is that the aquarium is glued with transparent silicone and without stiffeners or support frames. The view of the underwater plant world is thus separated from the viewer only by a thin, improbably transparent glass.

Dimensions: 45x27x30 cm (length-width-height).
Glass thickness: 6 mm.
Extremely high quality, durable clear silicone

Aquariums are packed extremely carefully. In all cases, the condition of the glass must be checked after delivery and any damage must be reported immediately. The warranty does not cover subsequent cracks, scratches, cracks, or consequent environmental damage. The surface of tabletops and shelves is uneven despite appearances. Therefore, always place the aquarium pad available under the aquarium accessories under the aquariums.

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Name Green Aqua aquarium, Opti-White - 36 l, 45x27x30 cm, 6 mm
SKU 9845273006
Manufacturer Green Aqua