Green Aqua Cryptocoryne pygmea lab plant in jelly

Family: Araceae
Origin: Asia
Height: 5-10 cm
Width: 5-7 cm
Light demands: mid - high
Temperature: 20-29 °C
Water hardness: soft - hard
pH: 5,5-8
Growth speed: slow

The central highlands of Sri Lanka are home to this green cryptocoryne. A small stature of around 5 - 10 cm makes it the smallest species that is cultivated for aquatics purposes. It grows in dense colonies along the banks of fast-flowing rivers. Cryptocoryne pygmea grows very slowly and is a slightly more demanding plant. Stronger lighting and CO2 supplementation are essential

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All Green Aqua branded lab plants are cultivated specially in our laboratories - in a special jelly. They are free of snails, algae and pesticides - totally harmless to fish and shrimp. These unique cups can be kept for a relatively long time (days to weeks) before planting and they are absolutely easier to prepare before planting. They are young plants with strong roots compared to their potted counterparts. Please only open the cups before planting - in order to avoid early contamination with mould. Wash the plants completely free from jelly before use. Plant using tweezers.

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Name Green Aqua Cryptocoryne pygmea lab plant in jelly
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