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Green Aqua MACRO Plant Fertilizer - 250 ml

€27.88 / 1 l
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Green Aqua MACRO Plant Fertilizer - 250 ml

Use Green Aqua MACRO and MICRO together with Easy Life Easy Carbo in order to provide for everything your aquatic plants need in regards of liquid fertilizers.

Why is Green Aqua MACRO special?

Because it contains a very balanced ratio of all the necessary macro elements such as Nitrates, Phosphates and Potassium. It is also very concentrated, almost to the solubility level of these elements. So, essentially, you are not paying for water as in the case of many other diluted products!

Should I be careful with UV filters when adding ferts?

Yes, you should. UV filtration - due to its strong lighting - can cause the breakage of even the strongest chelates from MICRO fertilizers. We recommend you only switch on the UV filters at night, and only for short periods of time if necessary. Dose only after the UV has been switched off. Note: only MICRO fertilizers are affected by UV, the MACRO ferts are NOT affected by it.

STORAGE: Avoid direct sunlight. Keep it in a cabinet, at room temperature. Do not refrigerate.


For High-tech planted aquariums (Strong light, CO2 injection, heavily planted) - 50% weekly water change is recommended. 1 ml / 20 liters / day

For Mid-tech planted aquariums (Moderate light, CO2 injection, heavily planted) - 30% weekly or 50% bi-weekly water change is recommended. 0.5 ml / 20 liters / day

For Low-tech planted aquariums (Moderate light, no CO2 injection, heavily planted) - 50% bi-weekly water change is recommended. 3-4 ml / 20 liters / week

For Ultra Low-tech planted aquariums (Low light, no CO2 injection, few plants) - 30% bi-weekly water change is recommended. 1-2 ml / 20 liters / week

Please note that some pumps may dose a slightly different amount, so always check their performance before use, especially in the case of big aquariums. Under 200 liters these errors are marginal.

The frequency and amount of water changes influences fertilizer dosage levels directly. Please check the dosage chart from the images in order to determine the exact dosage requirements of your aquatic plants. Also, low-light, non-CO2 systems will need considerably less then high-light CO2 systems. Add 1 ml / 20 liters / week or less for low-tech fishtanks. You can also try to slowly decrease dosage amounts by small steps and observe the reaction. This will takes weeks, but it might save you 20-30% MACRO and MICRO in the long run. We do not recommend however to reduce nutrient levels to a critical low, as that will result in algae bloom.

IMPORTANT: make sure that you have your dosage levels synchronized with your water change plan. If you fail to reset your aquarium fertilizer levels with regular changes, they can accumulate in your fishtank. Excessive levels (for example Nitrates over 40-50 ppm) will result in restricted growth and fish health issues.

Considering all of the above, please know usually the lack of nutrients is a bigger problem than excess nutrients.

INGREDIENTS (in 1000 ml): 

Nitrate (NO3) - 49 g/l
Phosphate (PO4) - 7 g/l
Potassium (K) - 49,2 g/l
Methyl Paraben (E218) - 1 g/l

More Information
NameGreen Aqua MACRO Plant Fertilizer - 250 ml
Weight (kg)0.300000
ManufacturerGreen Aqua
Aquarium typeMid-High Light - High Tech

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