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Green Aqua Points and Coupons

Green Aqua has been offering customers discounts since the first day of our business in 2009. The reward system has grown popular among our returning customers in Hungary and has been expanded to the English language webshop. As a rule of thumb, we can say that the result of this system will leave you with a maximum of 4% discount after your purchases! Collecting and spending points is a straightforward process. This page will explain it in detail.

Please be aware that the procedure of giving and deducting points is not instantaneous - as it is mainly made by hand during order processing. For example, you will have to wait until your order is shipped (processed) before you can spend your points on that particular order - for a new purchase. You will see "pending points" or "pending approval" notes in your account until our colleagues process it by hand - this is not an automatic process. You will, in turn, see how many points you have collected (and pending) until that is done.

Besides Green Aqua points, you can also use Discount Coupons on our Webshop. Please read the instructions on using these codes before posting your order - codes sent in order comments will not be accepted. Details are at the bottom of this page.


How do I get Green Aqua points?

  • After completing online orders
  • At in-store personal pickup of online orders
  • In the case of in-store personal shopping
  • In the case of other (manual) credits

Reward points cannot be collected for custom-made products

What is the value of my points?

1 Point = 1 Hungarian Forint


The EUR/HUF conversion rate is changing weekly - it is 370 today. So the net value of 370 points is 1 EUR for example. 

How many points do I earn after my orders?

We display on every product page how many points are given after the purchase of the product.

Is there a loyalty point when ordering a discounted product?

Due to the accumulated discount, we do not provide additional loyalty points in the case of discounted products. In this case, the amount of points that can be collected will not appear on the product page.

Can I use or earn Green Aqua Points during physical shop purchases?

The points can be used, but we can only credit points after in-person purchases if this is indicated in advance to our colleagues. Please indicate before purchasing that you also wish to use points, or would like to collect them after the purchase; all you need to provide is the email address registered on our website. Our colleagues manually deduct or credit the points in our system. If you do not yet have a web registration, we can credit the points due after the purchase retrospectively for 1 day if you send the invoice proving the purchase by email.

What is the validity of the Green Aqua Points?

Current setting allows you to use your points for 6 months after they appear in your account. Green Aqua aims to maintain this policy for longer times, but we reserve the right to restructure our points system at any time which could result in loss of your points if you fail to use them. You will receive warning emails before expiry of your Green Aqua Points, so you will have enough time to plan and use them in our shop. All points that expire will be deleted from your account after the validity period.

Using Points at Checkout

You can use your existing Green Aqua points at the Checkout. You can only access this page if you have at least one product in your Shopping Cart.
Drag your mouse over the shopping cart icon on the upper right corner of the page and click the "Go to Checkout" button.
On the bottom of your Checkout page you will find the Reward Points section.
On the example from the picture we chose to spend 4200 points which have resulted in an automatically calculated discount of 13.86 Euros. The Grand Total was recalculated accordingly. (If you have a Discount Codes, you can use that also on the Checkout page by entering your coupon code and clicking Apply Discount).


Cart Page

Discount Codes (Coupons)

You can use Discount Codes (otherwise known as Coupon Codes) in our webshop. These codes will be delivered in many ways to our customers, for example via Newsletters, advertisement campaigns etc. Green Aqua will only accept the codes if they have been properly validated (applied) on the Shopping Cart page!

Validating Coupons on the Checkout page

You can apply Coupon Codes on the Checkout Page or the Cart Page. There has to be at least one item in your cart in order to view the option. To display your shopping cart, please move your mouse over the shopping cart icon on the upper right corner of the webpage and click on the "Go to Checkout" button. (This button will only appear if you have already placed at least one item in your shopping cart). The bottom right of the Checkout page has a "Discount Codes" section, this is where you will have to type in or paste your coupon code.

It is important to click the "Apply Discount" button right after pasting your code in the textbox. If you do not validate your code, your discount will not appear in the Grand Total. Once you are done with that, you can click "Proceed to Checkout".

Please note that we can not validate Coupon Codes for you after you have placed your order. Codes sent in order notes will be ignored. Please follow the above-described steps to validate your codes before finalizing your order.


Cart Page

Important Notes

The points usage is protected by a Green Aqua "monitoring system" that enables us to scan and easily find an eventual abuse. Please use the system as designed. Green Aqua has the right to withdraw from the transaction, clear you points and remove your profile completely in the case in which we suspect fraud.

If you have further questions or comments in regards of our Points System, please contact our Customer Support.

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