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Green Aqua Glass CO2 Bubble Counter

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Green Aqua Glass CO2 Bubble Counter

Bubble Counters are used to measure the amount of the CO2 injected into the Nature Aquarium. The bubble rate can be easily observed with this stylish and modern glass product that can be fastened to the outer side of the fish-tank with the two suction-cups (included). Keep it vertical at all times. Do not overfill. Ideal filling is three-quarters.

For your convenience we recommend the use of the Bubble Counter Solution with this product.

How to setup a CO2 system:

  • Make sure that the main tap of the CO2 bottle is closed.
  • Make sure that all taps on the pressure reducer are closed. (Some have 1, others have 2 taps. Note that some pressure reducers - Papillon for example - have the main tap closed the opposite direction then normal, that is counter clockwise.)
  • Fasten the pressure reducer on the bottle. Make sure you have a rubber sealing O-ring at the connection point.
  • Attach a shorter CO2 hose to the output of the pressure reducer. Never use air tubes instead of CO2 hoses.
  • Attach the solenoid valve to the CO2 hose, carefully observing the direction of the gas (which comes from the CO2 bottle and will continue towards the aquarium). The direction of the flow is important.
  • Attach a longer CO2 hose to the solenoid valve
  • Attach the check valve at a length that would enable it to stay on the side of your fish-tank. Mind the direction of the flow that should be indicated on the valve.
  • Attach a 3-5 cm long CO2 hose.
  • Attach the Bubble counter with the narrowing towards the CO2 bottle. Use a lighter to heat up the hose if necessary. (Put the end of the hose just above the flame, not into it.)
  • Fill the bubble counter with the bubble counter solution. Fix the bubble counter in vertical position with suction-cups.
  • Attach a hose that should be long enough to go up to the edge and back down into the aquarium.
  • Attach the CO2 diffuser and fasten it with the suction cup. Diffusers should be placed on the opposite side of the filter outlet (lily pipe) at about one-third to two-thirds depth.
  • Open the CO2 canister tap.
  • Open the main tap from the pressure reducer.
  • Carefully, slowly open the needle valve tap of the pressure reducer until bubbles start appearing in the counter.
  • Check the second indicator of the pressure reducer and adjust the reducer's main tap until pressure reaches 2-2.3 bars.
  • Adjust the needle valve until you get about 60 bubbles per minute. Be careful: tank size, diffuser position and flow rate will all affect CO2 levels in your tank, so there are different correct bubble counts for all fishtanks. CO2 levels above 30 ppm are toxic, possibly lethal to fish and shrimp, while low or fluctuating levels can cause algae. Experience will come with time, observe your drop checker and learn.
Using a CO2 system:
  • Bubble count should be constant during the life-cycle of the CO2 canister.
  • A pressure rise in the canister is the first sign of a need to be replaced as it will empty soon.
  • Close all CO2 taps before changing the canister.
  • Do not try to force the CO2 hose off the glass bubble counter ends as glass might break. Use a knife instead to cut the hose lenght-wise and shorten it accordingly.
  • Be sure all suction-cups are in good condition and the hose will not force the glass equipment to knock against anything in case a suction-cup gets loose. It might result in breakage of the glass CO2 equipment.
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