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Green Aqua CO2 system with CO2 reactor (16/22 mm)

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IMPORTANT: The set does not contain the CO2 canister by default. You need to check it to add that to your order. A pressurized CO2 bottle is required. Unfortunatelly CO2 cylinders not allowed to ship by the law. This is only available with in-store pick up.


  • Make sure the rubber O-ring is in its place inside the connection nut of the regulator.
  • Fix the connection nut of the regulator on the thread of the CO2 bottle (hand tight).
  • Rotate and adjust the pressure reducer to the desired angle and secure the connection nut with a spanner (included). Make sure to tighten it firmly - CO2 gas can escape thus emptying the cannister. Also note that if you fasten it too firmly the O-ring can be damaged and will need to be replaced when changing the empty cannister later.
  • Unscrew the nut of the corresponding 4/6 mm CO2 hose connector and place it on the hose.
  • Connect the 4/6 mm hose to the connector (4) and fasten the nut manually.
  • Close the needle valve (clockwise)
  • Close the black colored main valve (counter-clockwise)
  • Open the CO2 canister tap. The input indicator will show 50-70 bar.
  • Open the black colored main valve.
  • Open the needle valve until bubbles will start appearing in the bubble counter.
  • Adjust the black colored main valve until output pressure is about 1.5-2 bar.
  • Adjust the needle valve to get the desired bubble count.


Never separate a stationary pressure regulator form a CO2 bottle, if it is under pressure. Close the bottle valve, and open the needle valve to release the gas before you separate both units.

CO2 bottles can only be used in upright (vertical) position. Do not incline or use it horizontally, liquid CO2 might damage the pressure regulator.

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Name Green Aqua CO2 system with CO2 reactor (16/22 mm)
SKU 999787-2
EAN 5994460022276
Hose Size 12/16 (13 mm)

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