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Eheim Plants T8 - 36W (1200 mm, 4000K, 2000lm)

Newer aquariums are mostly equipped with LED lighting or T5 fluorescent tubes. If you don’t want to upgrade and wish to keep your T8 standard; we now offer our optimized replacement tubes. These tubes ensure better lighting performance and better efficiency through new special fluorescent substances. They offer more luminosity, the colour spectrum is adjusted in more detail and plant growth is optimally supported. There are two variants available (freshpower daylight and freshpower plants), which can be used together. And – best of all, a long life of approximately 20,000 hours so you don’t have to replace them often.

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Tube type T8, Ø 26 mm Best possible exploitation of the T8 technology New special fluorescent substances with new options Improved lighting performance (lumen per watt), better efficiency Precisely adjusted spectrum, combined light colours for plants Clear light, high luminosity Natural colour reproduction Low energy consumption Long durability (average life 20.000 hours) Common sizes, suitable for most aquariums (tube length 438, 590, 895, 1047 and 1200 mm)
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Name Eheim Plants T8 - 36W (1200 mm, 4000K, 2000lm)
SKU 4136028
Manufacturer Eheim