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Eheim Food flakes for all young tropical fish 90 ml

EHEIM professionel food is a particularly nutritious premium food.
A healthy diet – ideal for both fish and water.
It consists, generally, of fresh and natural ingredients such as fresh kelp and wild caught whole herrings and shrimps. The use of whole fish makes for a more natural and healthy diet.
A new and careful production process ensures that natural ingredients and nutrients are not contaminated.
The ideal ratio of protein and fat and unsaturated Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids keep the fish healthy and full of life. Small portions of raw fibre and raw ash ensure better digestion and less pollution of the water - and EHEIM professionel food means no clouding.
EHEIM professionel food
Nutritious flakes for young ornamental fish
The special ingredients ensure optimum growth in young fish during the early stages of life. The nutrients – especially the protein and fat content – as well as vitamins, trace elements, etc., are ideally suited to the needs of young fish.
The flakes are small and highly digestible, swell in water and then sink slowly to the bottom while maintaining their shape ensuring the food reaches all the fish in all areas of the aquarium

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Name Eheim Food flakes for all young tropical fish 90 ml
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Manufacturer Eheim