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EHEIM 2178 professionel 5e 600T Thermo smart WIFI external filter without filter media

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Advantages of the EHEIM professionel 5e (all models)

  • Top technology for the highest demands
  • Electronic professional filter with integrated WLAN function (Wifi) and wireless control via smartphone, tablet or PC / MAC
  • No extra app is required for control
  • Freely configurable settings: constant flow, bio mode, pulse mode and manual mode
  • Linking to other devices possible (e.g. lighting control LEDcontrol +) - This requires an update for the LEDcontrol +. You can find this in the download area
  • Constant monitoring of the cleaning interval; The cleaning instruction will be automatically sent to the email address
  • Permanent electronic system monitoring (including automatic air discharge; troubleshooting)
    WLAN function (Wifi) can be deactivated after configuration
  • Large pre-filter directly accessible under the pump head for quick removal of mechanical contamination without having to intervene in the sensitive bio-filter material
  • Large container and filter volume
  • Fast filling of the filter container thanks to the integrated suction aid
  • High-quality, wear-free ceramic axles with ceramic bearings guarantee maximum smoothness
  • Safety hose adapter with easy-to-use lock; The adapter can only be released when the hose valves are closed
  • Large safety lock clips for the absolutely tight and secure connection of the pump head and filter container
  • Easy Clean - easy and safe cleaning of the filter media with the help of the cleaning cover
  • Supplied with installation accessories
  • Suitable for fresh and sea water (except thermofilter)
  • Made in Germany
  • 3 year guarantee

Each filter has three roles in a planted aquarium. In order of importance:

It is the most important! Toxic and algae-causing ammonia in the aquarium must be decomposed. As fast as possible. Billions of bacteria growing in the filter convert ammonia into nitrite and then nitrate.

Nutrients (plant food and CO2) must reach the plants. Solid decomposition products should be kept afloat. Good performance is essential.

Solid decomposition products must be physically removed from the aquarium and decomposed in a filter or removed during cleaning.

For a filter to fully perform all three roles, it must meet several criteria. Ideally suitable to have a bucket of the right size to store the right amount of filter media. The filter material contained in it must be of adequate quality and variety. The pump in the filter must have sufficient capacity. The filter should be easy to clean so that the cumbersome process does not deter the aquarist from regular maintenance. Plus, the filter needs to be reliable; no one wants to flood a living room or office due to a cracked tap or joint.

Read more about our filter guide.

More Information
NameEHEIM 2178 professionel 5e 600T Thermo smart WIFI external filter without filter media
For Aquarium SizeBelow 150L, Below 200L, Below 250L
Hose Size16/22 (17 mm)

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