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Dennerle Pogostemon erectus

Family: Lamiaceae
Origin: India
Height: 15-40 cm
Width: 10-15 cm
Light demands: mid-high
Temperature: 20-28 °C
Water hardness: very soft-hard
pH: 5.5-8
Growth speed: slow

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Pogostemon erectus is another new arrival from India. This stem plant forms very fine needle-like leaves in a wonderful bright green colour. It is not very difficult to cultivate if there is enough light and CO2. For aquascaping purposes, this Indian beauty mixes very well with red or brown-hued plants. Its growth rate is in the mid-range. A group of plants can be radically pruned - the stems will quickly produce new side shoots, and the plants will be thicker and more compact.

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Name Dennerle Pogostemon erectus
SKU 101-44
Manufacturer Dennerle
Color Green
Növény típusa Medium
Akvárium típusa Mid-High Light - High Tech